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   Chapter 171 Is It Also My Fantasy (Part One)

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When Sophia heard that Celina had come to Q City, ye Sophia prepared a family dinner and invited her to HB Villa. Lucas seldom entertained guests in Bluewater Villa. Whether his friends came or had a party, they were in HB Villa.

Sara greeted the guests politely with Kami and Teddy, and then Lucas took them to the beach to build a sand castle.

Looking at such a happy family, Celina envied in her heart, "Mrs. Mo, you are probably the luckiest woman in the world. You have such an excellent husband who loves you so much, and three lovely children. You have everything a woman wants."

Sophia smiled faintly, "maybe I'm more satisfied. I won't go after illusory things, only know to hold what I have now."

Celina pondered over her words. What was she chasing now? It's a dream, a dream that you know it's unrealistic but you can't control yourself. Perhaps it was because there were so few outstanding men on the earth that women were desperate to pursue and fight for them.

She looked at Lucas not far away. He was wearing a cornflower blue sleeveless T-shirt with summer style and checked shorts, showing a lazy fashion sense and a bright atmosphere. His face was full of endless tenderness and smile. Such an expression would only appear in front of his family. In ordinary times, he was always unpredictable. Sometimes, he was mysterious and cold like Silver Fox from the snow peak; sometimes, he was arrogant and arrogant like a lonely wolf in the wilderness.

But the more difficult it was to get close to him, the more attractive it was to women, who were eager to enjoy his only tenderness.

The servant came and dinner was ready.

The children seemed to be hungry, but they were polite to wait for the guests to eat first before they began to eat, showing good manners.

Sara took a sip of mushroom soup and looked up at Lucas. "Daddy Lucas, Mommy Sophia and I are going to the H City to shoot TV series tomorrow. You should take good care of the two."

Lucas raised a charming corner of his mouth and said, "don't worry. Daddy Lucas will make you and Mommy Sophia feel at ease to shoot without worries."

"Well, we believe you." Sara grinned, revealing a row of white teeth.


alm, calm and elegant, so as not to appear too rash.

The whole dinner party was dull and disappointing for her. Lucas was too formulaic. He had never talked to her except for business, and there was no chance to have passion and friction.

After the dinner, she came out of the meeting room and decided to create the last chance.

When she walked down the stairs, she deliberately missed her step. Fortunately, Lucas held her in time and did not fall down.

"Miss, be careful."

She frowned and showed an extremely uncomfortable expression. "Oh, no, I seem to have twisted my foot."

"Can you still walk?"

"Not bad."

With his help, she stood on tiptoe and limped into the car.

On this year's Lunar New Year's Eve, the sky was overcast and terrible. It seemed that it was going to rain soon.

Lucas sped up the car.

As soon as Celina entered the villa, the heavy rain poured down. The window glass was knocked by the bean sized rain drops, making thumping noise. Soon, the rain drops gathered together and scattered on the window glass.

"It's raining heavily. It's dangerous to drive. You'd better wait until the rain stops." Celina looked at Lucas. The rainstorm was too timely for her.

He looked out of the window. The rain was heavy and the outside was white and almost disappeared. The villa was built on the hillside. It was really dangerous to drive down the mountain at this time. He could only go back when the rain was a little lighter.

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