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   Chapter 170 Tutoring Homework (Part Four)

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Sara looked through the test paper from beginning to end and said, "it's not difficult. Sara can do all of them. (57 x 35 plus 43 x 35) / 14 is equal to 250. Mommy Sophia, how can you be counted as 230?"

Little bastard, you are so fast. Your brain is a calculator!

Sophia rolled her eyes and said, "I wrote it on purpose. Isn't 250 a curse? When I thought about it, the teacher said that children should be civilized and not curse, so I changed 250 into 230."

"726 / 8 * 125 should be equal to 11343. 75, you wrote 11342. 28. Did you write it on purpose? " Sara tilted her head to look at her.

Don't show off your superiority, okay?

"I don't remember. Anyway, I made a mistake on purpose. In fact, I know the answer." Sophia went crazy. She really wanted to bring up this little girl and slap her buttock two times.

They were looking at them with curious and confused eyes. Fortunately, they were still young, which was beyond their understanding. Otherwise, the three of them would come to join in the fun, and she would be dead.

At this time, Sara picked up a piece of paper, on which there was a Chinese mid-term examination paper for the second semester of grade five of Q City experimental primary school, ye Sophia, score 72, "Mommy Sophia, your Chinese score is not good, too!"

Is it over! Sophia turned her anger to Lucas. This guy not only didn't care about it, but also followed her to read her examination paper. He also kept his eyes on it. Did he also want to taunt her?

"When the ancient poem is filled in, the lotus has just shown its sharp point, and (bees) has already stood on its head. Egrets fly in front of the west mountain, peach blossom and flowing water (carp) fat. The belt is getting wider and wider, so I don't regret it. "

As soon as Sara finished speaking, Lucas, who was next to her, coughed twice and seemed to be choked.

Sara widened her big blue eyes and stared at Sophia as if she was looking at an alien monster. Sophia was speechless and flushed with anger.

Someone who stood aside finally stood up and touched Sophia's head with a smile. "Mom

, no status!"

Lucas couldn't help laughing. He took down the pillow and stroked her face, "Mommy is not stupid. Mommy will, Daddy won't."

"What can I do? Can't you?" She pouted.

"Playing games, holding back fruit, Xbox, I've never been able to win you, and, cooking." He took her hand and rubbed the tiny cocoon in her palm. "Mommy's dexterous hands are extremely delicious no matter how to cook soup or noodles. Daddy can't even roast steak."

That's right. She, Sophia, is also good for nothing. She still has many advantages. Everyone has his own advantages and disadvantages. Don't belittle yourself with others' advantages, let alone mock others with their own advantages. This is also the basic principle of life. Thinking about it, he suddenly felt relieved.

On the other side, Celina applied to her father for the establishment of a branch in Q City. After Beck agreed, she left for Q City.

She planned to buy a villa in Q City and also took the opportunity to ask Lucas for her reference. She didn't expect that Lucas would give it to Minnie, which disappointed her. It seemed that he was not interested in her at all.

If a man has a good impression on a woman, he will usually show hospitality and positive aspects, while Lucas seems to have nothing else to do with her except for business.

She had to be more active. At least she had to let him treat her as a friend first.

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