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   Chapter 169 Tutoring Homework (Part Three)

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"Mommy, didn't she tell you to stay away from the mountain? There are bad people on it."

Lucas smiled and stroked Sara's head, "it's true that mommy Sophia can't go climbing alone, but you don't have to worry about it with Lucas."

Sophia heaved a long sigh. She didn't meet the bad guys, but there was a python. Recalling that scene, it was so breathtaking that she could use it as the theme of Ellie's movie. It seemed that she did have difficulties in the mountain, so she should try to climb as little as possible in the future.

"Daddy, I want to ride a horse."

"Okay, ride the horse." Lucas picked him up, kissed his lovely little face, then put him down and lay himself on the carpet. Teddy climbed onto his back, grabbed his collar with one hand and waved it in the air with the other, like a little jeans. "daddy runs quickly."

Looking at the father and son, Sophia laughed and caressed the round face of Kami, "does Kami want to ride a horse with Teddy?"

"No, I don't. I want to play with mommy." With his arms around Sophia's neck, he kept rubbing her face.

"Then what does she want to play?" Ye Qianran giggled at her son.

"Play games." Kami tilted his head.

Sophia was shocked. No way. How old is this boy? He even wants to play games? Is it difficult to pass on all the genes of her game expert.

She gently pinched his little face and said, "you are still young. You can only play games when you are as old as sister Sara."

The little guy seemed to be a little unhappy. He crossed his arms in front of his chest like Sara, pouted his little mouth and turned his little face out. "Why are you the same as sister Sara? You don't want to teach me to play games. I don't like you."

Sophia rolled her eyes. She still had a way to coax children. "Well, let's play the most basic game first. If you have learned it all, you can play the game machine like sister Sara."

The little boy's eyes lit up at once.

Sophia asked Sara to bring the checkers. She played against Sara and taught Kami at the same time. The little baby's wisdom was beyond her imagina

is childishness.

Lucas looked at the box beside her with a very puzzled look, and then he understood, "honey, this box is filled with mommy's childhood report card, which is very memorable to Mommy. Mommy was afraid that you might break it, so she protected it. Let's help Mommy pick it up, OK?" After that, he held ye Sophia's waist and held her up.

The babies were sensible and obedient. They came forward one after another and began to pick up the snow on the ground.

At this time, Sophia had an impulse to die. She really hoped that a big hole would be opened on the ground so that she could get in and never come out again.

Sara picked up a piece of paper and looked at it curiously. She read it word by word, "the final exam paper of the first semester of math in grade four of Q City experimental primary school, Sophia, score 75."

Sophia spurted blood!

It was over. It was over. From now on, she had no place in the family anymore.

Sara blinked her eyes and finally came up with the words she was most afraid to hear. "Mommy Sophia, it turns out that you were so poor in your grades when you were a child!"

Sophia blushed and snatched the test paper. "Is it bad? 75 is not bad. We were totally different from you at that time. The test was very difficult. 75 is already a high score." She went all out, racked her brains and tried to get rid of these little brats.

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