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   Chapter 167 Tutoring Homework (Part One)

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It was cold at night on the top of the mountain. Fortunately, everyone had prepared well and brought thick clothes. Seeing that there was black tea in the refrigerator, Sophia took it out and made a pot. Everyone sat on the sofa, drinking tea and chatting.

"Mrs. Mo is so capable." Celina said with smile.

"Sophia can get out of the hall and into the kitchen. She is an omnipotent wife." Minnie chuckled. Sophia pretended to be angry and glanced at her. She even learned to flatter her.

There was a terrible silence outside the cottage. The mountain wind was whistling through the woods, and the sound was particularly bleak. Celina took a few movies for everyone to choose to watch. At a glance, Sophia saw her first work, "Colossal Demo". Minnie seemed to see what she was thinking. With a snicker, she took out the movies and called on everyone to review the screen style of Sophia. Although Lucas had seen that he didn't want to see it again, he was still willing to satisfy his wife's vanity.

As soon as Celina heard that there was a role of Sophia in it, she was very surprised. She was not a person who liked to pay attention to the gossip in the entertainment circle.

"Oh my God, you played the one armed fox demon?"

"Yes." Sophia covered her mouth and chuckled, "domineering, right?" She didn't forget that she was boasting and didn't plan to be modest at all.

"You used to be in the entertainment industry?" Celina asked.

Sophia shook her head, "I just want to give my sister-in-law a show." After that, she introduced the upcoming TV series "Sword Fairy Tale" with Sara. Speaking of the children at home, she took out her cell phone with a smile and showed the latest photos of the babies to Minnie and Celina.

Looking at the happy family of five, Celina was envious. She even unconsciously hoped that she could replace the role of Sophia.

After the movie, everyone decided to go back to their rooms to have a rest and get up early to watch the sunrise tomorrow. Maybe it was because the mountain wind was too strong that Sophia couldn't fall asleep. She kept looking out of the window. Lucas's arm was still around her waist, but his breath was even and light. It seemed that

ina to run out for fear that the python would hurt Sophia. He quickly took the knife from Minnie's hand and rushed to the python. He stabbed it into the python's stomach with a sharp knife, and then cut it hard. The python's stomach was cut a huge hole, but it didn't die, nor was it scared to run away. Instead, it became angry with shame and launched a fierce attack on Lucas.

Its huge and powerful tail swept fiercely towards Lucas, and Lucas flew to the tea table. The python swept its tail to the tea table again. With a crisp bang, the glass of the tea table was smashed into pieces. Lucas flipped over and jumped onto the bookshelf. Then he jumped up and rode on the python's neck. Two sharp knives in his hands were stabbed into the eyes of the python. Immediately, blood splashed and stained his whole body red.

Sophia was worried about him and sweated all over. "Lucas, be careful!"

The python was furious and quickly rolled up to entangle him. The body of more than ten meters was as thick as a rope, which was more and more tightened. Seeing that Lucas was trapped, Sophia rushed over recklessly, and Minnie also rushed forward quickly. The two of them each held a watermelon knife and used their strength. They scratched and stabbed the python fiercely.

Hiding behind the bar counter, Celina saw that Lucas was in danger. All of a sudden, she had the strength to run over, grabbed the ceramic fragments on the ground and stabbed the python with them.

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