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   Chapter 166 Mommy Got Angry (Part Four)

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When she was distracted, and boredom Sophia took out the game console to kill time, and when Minnie joined in the fight with her, the two girls were having a good time.

"Mrs. Mo, do you like playing games?" Stunned, Celina looked at Lucas. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"She is a game expert." Lucas smiled.

"Is it because she seduces Mr. Lucas?" She wanted to know what kind of woman on earth Lucas appreciated. "I can't find anything that doesn't attract me." Lucas' eyes were full of pamper and affection. When a man loved a woman, even her shortcomings were still wonderful in his eyes. If he didn't love a woman, even though she was full of advantages from top to bottom, in his eyes, it was the same as the ordinary air.

How great love is.

Listening to this, Celina felt jealous. It seemed as if a lemon had been stuffed into her heart. It was said that a fly did not bite a seamless egg. If this egg was too perfect and there was no crack between it and her, how could a fly do anything about it? She swallowed and forced herself to calm down. After all, she just fell in love with him at the first sight, which was not indelible.

The rain finally stopped. Sophia put away the game console and went to another scenic spot. Before it got dark, they would arrive at the cottage where Celina had stayed at the top of the mountain. After a night of rest, they would get up early tomorrow to watch the sunrise of the famous a mountain.

"Do you know there is a flower here called Angelina? It blossoms only when it rains, because it grows very strange. The local call it the" love flower ". If anyone wants to pick up this kind of flower

d by Sophia.

In addition to food, there were all other things in the kitchen. Usually, if Celina and her friends came here, they would bring the housekeeper, cook and clean the room.

Sophia was busy in the kitchen, and Lucas also came to help.

"Are you hungry? The noodles will be served soon." Sophia smiled.

A delicious smell came out from the kitchen. Everyone began to get hungry. When they smelled the smell, they were all greedy.

Sophia took out a pot of delicious noodles. The noodles were neither soft nor hard. The strength was just good.

Minnie savored the food with a gust. She couldn't wait to praise it. "It's such an honor to cook simple noddles. I think Mrs. Mo is the most brilliant one in the world."

Even Celina had to admit that she had never eaten such delicious noodles before. Being his wife, she must be different from others. There was a saying that you had to fetter a man first in order to tie up his stomach. Thinking of this, Sophia believed that she could defeat other women just because she was good at cooking.

So, Lucas liked women who could cook?

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