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   Chapter 163 Mommy Got Angry (Part One)

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The annual architectural competition was held by the Architectural Association of K Country and three real estate tycoons.

As one of the sponsors, the president of MH Real Estate Company, Lucas and the executive directorSophia attended the judge.

The contestants in the competition were all excellent architectural designers from all over the country. They were presenting their works and introducing their design concepts in turn.

John was the fifth one to appear. His design concept was green and environmentally friendly. The whole building was like a dolphin leaping over the sea, lively and lifelike. John deserved the title of top student from the Columbia University. If he wanted to keep such a buildings standing on the ground, he had to take into account the main points of gravity, balance and curve, just like what a person would do when he was put into a coma. Every part of them must be extremely precise. Um.

Sophia became very confident at once. She was sure that John would be the champion.

To her surprise, the works of contestant No. 7 were quite similar to that of John, though there was a slight difference. The audience burst into an uproar. John's heart was in shock. He knew at a glance that the No. 7's design was a waste of his previous design!

Sophia was even angrier than him. She didn't even think about it, this person absolutely had stolen the design plan of John. Nowadays the plagiarism became a trend. The ignorant and stupid people who didn't know the real skills expect to steal others' talents to build their own profile. She didn't know whether her anger was on her face, which she couldn't see by herself. But sitting next to her, Lucas kicked her feet slightly to remind her to calm down.

But she was already out of anger, and she couldn't calm down at all. Looking at the person standing there calm down, she really wanted to rush up and slap him. Even if he didn't slap her, he had to teach this bastard a lesson, or else she wouldn't be called Sophia.

And she found something wrong, so she quietly sent a message to the professional person, John. As she expected, this was the original design of John, which had been changed by the other side, but he did not find out the most severe part.

Knowing what he mea

uld be happy.

"Lucas!" Sophia yelled.

Upstairs, Clarissa and the twins didn't go to their amusement park. They were hiding at the corner and eavesdropping.

"Shit, Mommy is angry." Kami stuck out her tongue.

"I'm almost numb with shock." Teddy covered his ears with both hands in shock.

"It must be the mistake of Lucas. It's definitely the man's fault that a man quarrels with a woman." Sara wrinkled her delicate nose.

At the same time, someone was trying to put out the angry fire, "honey, sit down and drink orange juice." He then obediently handed over the orange juice on the tea table.

"Why not vote for John?" She asked indifferently.

"I always stick to my personal and professional principles. I can't prove that No. 7 plagiarized from John, thus losing his unique and novel characteristics. With the comprehensive comment, I think No. 3 is better," said Lucas, his face becoming more serious.

"We're scrupulous in separating public from private interests?" "Don't think I don't know what you are thinking about. You have been biased against him all the time because John was my ex and my childhood sweetheart. You are jealous, aren't you? "

After hearing that, he was very sad. He found that as long as it came to the matter of John, she seemed to be very uneasy. She completely put him, her husband, out of her mind. What did that mean? It meant that he had not taken it back yet, but there was still a small space occupied by John in her heart, which might grow at any time.

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