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   Chapter 161 Their Babies Are Born (Part Three)

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The former owner of YH Estate Group was P Group. As soon as Sophia helped Sam purchase the four storied real estate, he proposed to change his name to the company at a meeting for the internal restructuring of the company. Of course, he was immediately objected by Sandra. In order to persuade Sandra to change her mind, he transferred 8% of the shares to Maggie. At the thought that her daughter had also become one of the major shareholders of YH Estate Group, Sandra could say nothing more.

After the birth of Kami and Teddy, Maggie came to see her once. She was sad to see that Sophia suddenly gave birth to two grandchildren for the Mo family, which would make the status more stable. She hoped that she would be a mistress like her mother, but her confidence to become Lucas's affirmative wife had been weakened.

At that time, she gradually realized that the reason why Sam was willing to be attracted by her mother was not because of love, but because of money. He was willing to take advantage of the Peng Family's real estate company and let him at least don't have to work hard for twenty years and finally succeed. In this world, people could ignore kinship, morality, and responsibilities. What was more shameful and moral was not love, but the most realistic power and money.

She was not attractive at all in front of Lucas. He was the dragon of dragons and the phoenix of phoenixes. He didn't need to have any relative relationship with any other people. Instead, many people tried every means to get close to him and wanted to get close to him. Even without Sophia, there would be countless beautiful women who came one after another. According to her situation, it would be impossible for her to have that chance. On the other hand, she didn't need to worry that if Lucas became her brother-in-law, after all, she had to take over the YH Group in the future. With his protection, she did

r more and more, and thought she could do a good job as their son's wife.

After the ribbon cutting, Sophia returned to Bluewater Villa and found that Lucas was back. Ellie and John were also playing with the three children.

Ellie thought Sara was very beautiful. Recently, she had recently planned a fairy play named Sword Fairy Tale, which was about to determine the role of the heroine when she was a child. It was indeed the best choice for Sara to play with the heroine. As soon as she heard that, Sophia immediately agreed without hesitation, regardless of whether Sara was willing to play with the heroine or not. Lucas didn't care about it, as long as Sara was happy.

However, Sara was so happy to hear that she could act in TV series. She was going to be a star, the same as Zac.

Speaking of her role, Sophia remembered that before the childbirth, Ellie promised her that she would be the supporting actress, so she pried, "Is there any female supporting actress of this play?"

"Sure. She is one of the four second-class showgirls, Pauline." Ellie nodded. She forgot what she had said before. Hearing that, Sophia's face darkened. "Ellie, you are so unkind," she said Anyway, she was her family and she didn't want to beat about the bush with her.

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