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   Chapter 160 Their Babies Are Born (Part Two)

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Sara touched her chin and said as Lucas did, "Kami's Great Wall is very imaginative and special. Give it to A, Teddy's Eiffel Tower is very gorgeous and very creative. Give you 100 points."

"Which one is better, me or Teddy's?" Kami was thinking about the difference between A and 100 point.

"Because you're different from each other, you can't compare. Anyway, you're both great." Sara acted like a grown-up.

Now, Anna came to see her two grandchildren. In the past more than a year, she went to Bluewater Villa every two or three days, and she was very happy to her two grandchildren. It seemed that she lacked something when she couldn't see her grandchildren.

Seeing grandma, Kami and Teddy looked at each other with a wicked smile on their faces.

Holding on to Anna's hand, Teddy led her to the Eiffel tower where he was standing. "Grandma, this is the Eiffel Tower built by Kami. Do you look good?"

"Wow! My Kami is so strong! You can even make up the Eiffel Tower!" Anna smiled and touched his head. Kami pulled her over too. "Grandma, this is the Great Wall made by Teddy." In return, Anna also complimented him. Apparently, she didn't recognize them at all.

Kami and Teddy were twins, so they looked exactly the same. No one could tell the difference between them apart from Lucas, Sophia and Sara. The game that the two kids liked best was to exchange their roles.

Looking at them, Sara shook her head and sighed like a small adult. Another set of trap. She would see them through.

She walked to the fridge unhurriedly and took out orange and pineapple, "who wants fruit?"

"I want it!" Teddy and Kami ran towards the table and took their favorite fruits.

Obviously, Sara pretended to be surprised. "Did you take the wrong card? The orange is Kami's and the pineapple is Teddy's."

The two kids looked at each other and giggled, "Sister Sara, can't you pretend not to know?"

Sara just liked to expose their tricks. Although they looked exactly the same, their personalities and hobbies were completely different. For Sara, who was also a gifted child, it was very easy to distinguish them.

Looking at this, Anna smi

d Teddy couldn't find you."

With a smile, Lucas sat beside her and gently patted her on the back. "Little fool, it's just a nightmare. Maybe you saw this scene in the movie before, you dreamed it. Mom Sophia is the person you are most familiar with. That's why you put the role on her. "

"But it's so real, like I saw it with my own eyes." Sara wiped her tears and sobbed.

"Don't worry. Daddy Lucas will protect her. If someone wants to fight with bad guys, it will be me to fight with them. I won't allow any bad guys to get close to mommy Sophia."

His serious tone calmed Sara down a little. She grabbed Sophia's pajamas and said, "Mommy Sophia, don't go to the mountain. It's dangerous there."

"Okay." Sophia smiled and nodded, "From now on, I'll stay away from the mountain."

Sara felt relieved, but held her tightly and insisted on sleeping with her. So, Lucas had to go back to his room alone.

The moods of children changed quickly.

The next morning, Sara was lively again. She had completely forgotten her nightmare last night.

It was summer vacation now, so she didn't have to go to school. After breakfast, she took Kami and Teddy to the children's Park which was specially prepared for them on the third floor.

Sophia asked the nanny to take good care of the children. Then she left the house alone. Today, the YH Estate Group would be officially listed. As a business counselor, she had to show up.

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