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   Chapter 159 Their Babies Are Born (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-13 00:22

With one more troublemaker in the Bluewater Villa, it became more lively.

Lucas sent Sara to a training school for gifted children and arranged her to receive education and training there.

Soon Sophia's due date approached.

It was Sara's birthday. Sophia held a small party for her at home and invited her classmates who were at the gifted children training school.

When these young talents gathered together, they needed to compete against each other to make themselves more powerful.

Sara and the other kid played Xbox game, they decided to challenge each other in virtual combat arena.

Sophia was watching their game behind, "Hook left, hook right, kick leg." Looking at her punched and kicked beside with her big belly, Lucas was really worried and said, "Honey, calm down!"

"Nothing." Sophia was so excited that she turned around and pushed him. Suddenly, a huge pain came from her stomach. She was so painful that she almost couldn't stand up straight and grabbed the arm of Lucas to support herself.

On hearing this, Lucas held her at once. "What's wrong? Do you have a stomachache?" There were only two days away from her expected date of childbirth. Lucas had intended to take her to the hospital directly, but she had been so stubborn that she had refused him. As a result, his heart had been beating very fast every day.

"It hurt a little just now, but I'm fine now." Sophia let out a sigh of relief. She thought she would be fine, but it didn't occur to her that the pain started again soon. Now she realized that something was wrong.

"Lucas, I might be giving birth. " She grabbed his hand, a little nervous, but someone else was even more nervous than her. When he heard her words, he picked her up and rushed out without hesitation. Rose hurriedly asked Mike to drive the car here and then called the doctor.

"Oh, my God. My younger brothers are about to be born." Sara dropped the game handle and ran after Lucas. Her friends had no time to deal with this matter. As soon as the car arrived, they pulled the front door open and jumped into the car, fearing that they wouldn't let her follow them.

Lucas held Sophia into his arms and asked, "Does your stomach ache?"

She gritted her te

ful that he could not bear to see her suffer more. He had the foresight to adopt Sara.

"It hurt only for a moment. I can't remember it now." She smiled, "Lock your little princess room for two years."

"Okay, I'll keep it. Now let me see how you've recovered." He picked her up sideward and walked to the room.

The group of Rossi had disappeared from the K Country. Perhaps because of the warning last time, or because they were afraid of the strength of Lucas, they hid in the European den den, where they were recuperating and building up strength secretly.

The life in Bluewater Villa was quite and cozy. Over a year later, Kami and Teddy were showing their unusual talents.

At this moment, they were sitting on the creeping mat. One was putting the model of Great Wall, and the other was building the model of Eiffel Tower. Although they were only one year old now, they could walk, talk and play very well.

Sara was their referee, three minutes would be the best time to decide who is the winner.

The little judge looked at the watch and said solemnly, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, five, four, three, two, one, time is up!"

On the table, Kami and Teddy were waiting for her comments, raising their heads.

Sara then looked at the great wall of popcorn of Kami and then at the Eiffel Tower of Teddy. Both of them were great. If she gave high marks, the other one would ignore her for a few days because she was pissed off. So, she decided to play a tie as usual.

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