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   Chapter 156 Trapped (Part Two)

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"What if your baby is born in the future? You don't even know how to tell stories. You are not a good father." She crossed her arms to her chest and said angrily.

Lucas found that he could do nothing with her mischievous little trick. He could only sit on the bed and try to think of a story for her. "I'll tell you a story about a little hacker. How do you like it?"

"That's great. I like hackers the most. When I grow up, I want to be a hacker too." Sara cheered up.

"There was a little boy at your age. He liked to play computer very much. Once he played at home and suddenly had a idea. If he could get into other people's computer, he could watch what others were playing. He made up a virus software by himself and took the softie into his father's Office. At last, he took out all encrypted data from his father's computer and hacked his dad's computer. "

"Did his father hit him?" Asked Sara with her big eyes blinking.

"No, he didn't." "His father has specially hired the most powerful hacker in the world to teach him, and he has also paid much attention to his education. Therefore, even the most powerful firewalls in the world can't stop his intrusion. He has been placed in the highest defensive position by the lieutenant colonel."

"Where is he now? I want to learn from him to be a hacker. " Sara said with admiration and eagerness.

"He doesn't work as a hacker anymore, so no one knows where he went. But maybe one day he will suddenly appear in your computer to greet you." Lucas smiled and pinched her little face.

"You said the little boy was when you were a child, right?" said Sara, rolling her blue eyes and looked at Lucas.

"How can it be me? I can't even win a game with your Mommy Sophia!" Lucas smiled, with profound emotions in his eyes.

"Then tell me more stories about him. I want to know how he attacked the army base."

"Okay, but you have to lie down and close your eyes."

Sara closed her big eyes, Lucas then told her how to fight against a hacker and a lieutenant colonel.

Slowly, the breath beside her ear became gentle and even. Knowing that she was asleep, Lucas tucked her in, turned off the light and went out.

Seeing him back, Sophia smiled, "Has the lit

she had not been to was Lucas's study.

Right, the study was where Lucas worked. She heard that when he was working, except for Sophia, no one was allowed to enter. There must be a secret room inside.

She gave a cunning smile and secretly went to the third floor. The innermost room was the study of Lucas.

The lock was a piece of cake for her. There's no lock in the world that she, a gifted child, couldn't open.

She picked up the tools from the lotus bag and started to turn it.

Lucas's study was several times larger than she had expected. Without doubt, he was the richest man in Q City.

If she wore an infrared night mirror, the spot light could be seen clearly in the night as it was in the day without being noticed by anybody. On the desk was Lucas's laptop. Of course, it couldn't be Kris. It was useless to her, She was looking for a secret room, in which there would definitely be a secret room. According to her experience, any important object would be hidden in the secret room by her master. The switch to the secret room might be a book, or something very insignificant.

She touched them everywhere, turned around but it didn't respond.

Where was the mechanism.

Behind the office table were a row of huge ringlike bookcases. If the bookcase was one of the books, it would take her at least two hours to find it. However, she had no choice but to try it on. She put every book on the table and jumped onto the chair if she couldn't take enough.

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