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   Chapter 155 Trapped (Part One)

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To his surprise, one minute later, Jackson gave up. "If you were able to invade a lieutenant building, then humans would be able to go out of the universe and rule the universe," Kai teased.

Linda's eyes flashed a cold light. It seemed that it was not easy to frighten Sophia. The game was failed and they needed to start their plan B.

The next day, Sophia received a call from Sara, who told her that Linda was going to take photos outside and hoped that she, as her fake mother, could stay with her for a few days. Therefore, in the afternoon, Sophia went to Linda's apartment and picked up Sara back to Bluewater Villa.

Like Grandma Liu, Sara came to the temple and was curious about everything here. She kept asking.

Sophia asked the maid to prepare desserts, fruits and ice-cream. Seeing so many delicious snacks, Sara was so excited that she kept stuffing them into her mouth, "Mommy Sophia, you're so happy. You live in such a big house and can eat so many delicious things every day." She murmured.

"Eat slowly. You little glutton. Be careful to swallow and drink some water first." Sophia handed her the juice and said.

Sara took off the brooch and played it in her hand, "Mommy Sophia, this brooch is so beautiful. Can you give it to me?"

Sophia smiled, "You have to return it to the doorway. If not, they won't let you go. I still have many pretty brooches. I'll send you the most beautiful one."

"All right." Sara nodded obediently and put the breastpin back.

After the desserts, Sophia went to the entertainment room to play the Xbox shooting game with Sara. Their bodies were flaming fiercely, sweeping over all the enemies.

"Mommy Sophia, you are the first one who can play games with me. My friends are so stupid that no one can win me." Said Sara cheerfully.

"I didn't expect you to be such a good player. You know I am a game expert. Usually, I don't work with common people." Sophia said happily. Even Lucas was inferior to her in playing games. A five-year-old child could beat her. Today, they wouldn't go to have dinner until they pass the game.

The two of them had been playing the game for the entire afternoon, and neither of t

ll asleep only if you tell me stories."

Lucas smiled, "Children need to listen to stories. Aren't you an adult now? You should go to bed by yourself."

Sara put her hands on her waist and puffed up her cheeks, "Children will listen to romantic stories, and adults will listen to them too. I know you adults always read novels."

Sharp tongued as expected!

Without saying anything, Lucas had to take her upstairs. When they arrived at the stairway, she stopped and turned her head. "By the way, I forget to tell you, sometimes I will have sleepwalking when I sleep at night. You'd better lock the door, in case I will frighten you."


Hearing this, Sophia smiled. She knew that children liked to play tricks. Afraid that the adult would punish them, she said that she was sleepwalking. She had used the same trick as usual. "It doesn't matter. Sometimes I can act like this. You'd better lock the door of your room before I cut the watermelon." She raised her hand and made a gesture of a hand knife to cut her leg twice.

Cried Sara, who seemed to be frightened by the sudden news. She then quickly ran upstairs.

Lucas led her to her room. She looked around and exclaimed, "Wow! It's so beautiful!" Then she jumped on the bed, jumping on it happily and rolling on it.

"Lie down, and go to sleep!" Lucas ordered.

She pouted unhappily and said, "You tell stories."

"I don't know how to tell stories." Lucas shrugged.

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