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   Chapter 152 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover (Part Two)

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Lucas turned around and looked at her. She was such a naughty girl.

His face was serious, but Sara didn't seem to be afraid of him. She crawled on his lap and stretched out her two little paws to touch his face. She said, "Uncle, you are very handsome. You have beautiful eyebrows, beautiful eyes, nose and mouth. I thought my Zac is the most beautiful one in the world. I didn't expect that you are more beautiful than him."

Lucas grabbed her two little hands and put her aside, "Hey, it doesn't work on me."

"Don't you like kids?" With arms crossed on her chest, Sara stared at him like an adult and questioned him unhappily.

"Not yet." Lucas raised his eyebrows and stared at her with an unhappy look deliberately.

"You are lying!" Sara put her hands into her waist, seeming to quarrel with him. "You are Auntie Sophia's husband and the father of the baby she is carrying. If you don't like children, why did you put the baby in Auntie Sophia's belly?"

As soon as she finished her words, Sophia laughed out loud.

Lucas was speechless. She had the potential to be sharp tongued. But he decided to ignore her words, and instead of arguing with her, he helped her fasten her seat belt and told Mike to drive.

"Sara, where do you want to play, Disney or Ocean Park?" Sophia asked.

"Ocean park. I heard there was a dolphin performance in it." She had never been to a marine park before. On their way, she was so excited that she held her concert in the car. The songs were written in French, English and K country. Sophia clapped her hands and played with her. On her side, Lucas was quite unhappy. On their anniversary, they should have enjoyed their lovers' world, but there were a lot of little bulbs playing with them, which spoiled the atmosphere. He decided that when the babies in her womb were born in the future, they wouldn't be allowed to take part in their anniversary party. He wanted Sophia to belong to him only.

Upon arriving at the ocean park, Sara couldn't wait to run inside to see her beloved dolphin. She didn't know that the two adults behind her were also the first to enter the amusement park like her

to the net.

Surprised, Sophia and Lucas looked at each other!

Then she put the second coin into it. And then the grey fell down slowly.

Sophia and Lucas looked at each other again, shocked!

Sara was happy and she gave them two huge wolves as gifts.

Sophia bought her an ice cream and took her to have a rest on the bench.

"Sara, how did you do that?" Sophia asked.

"I learned it from Zac." Said Sara.

"Who is Zac?" Lucas's eyes deepened.

"He is my friend." Replied Sara.

"Is he the same age as you?" Lucas sat beside her. Sara glanced at him and said, "I think he is your age, but you are prettier than him."

There was a slight flicker in his eyes, and he held her up and put her on his legs, trying to coax her.

"Tell me what he looks like. Let me see why he is not as good-looking as me." He smiled exaggeratedly, which was kind of insidious in Sophia's eyes.

"His hair is brown, and his hair is cool. His eyes are the same as mine. His nose is high, and his mouth is thin. He looks very handsome. But he is not as tall as you. Half a head shorter than you, but his figure is a little better. He has six abdominal muscles in his stomach," Sara said with her blue eyes rolled.

After a long while, Lucas thought that Zac might be the Black Tulip he heard about. He was a man. After they knew the gender and appearance of him, even if he hid himself under the earth, they could dig him out.

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