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   Chapter 151 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover (Part One)

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The white clouds floated in the sky slowly, like soft marshmallow, blocking the hot sunshine. Such weather is the best for going out.

Sophia could assure that Lucas had never taken subway in the past twenty-nine years. When he saw the crowded in the carriage, he was surprised and at a loss.

"Honey, it seems there is no more space. Are we going in?"

"All the cars are like this. It doesn't matter." But Sophia didn't care about that at all. From small to large, she was in these crowded buses and subways.

"What if you squeezed your belly? You are a mother to be. " He opened his arms to protect her, fearing that she would be hit by the passers-by.

She pointed at the maybe mother to be, who was as pregnant as she was, "Most people are living in this way. Reincarnation is the most difficult skill. Only one in a million talents like you know about reincarnation. Don't worry. Come with me." For her, this was the most common and real life. When she was with him, money was flowing like water, as if she could never run out of it. There were luxurious cars to pick her up. The shoes and hats that were customized by top designers in the world were sent to her every month, so that she didn't even need to go shopping. On the weekend, she would sit in the yacht and watch the sunrise. She would take a helicopter to the top of the mountain to enjoy the night view. During the winter, she would go to Switzerland to ski. In the summer, she would be secretly basking in the sun in the Vivian group islands.

That must be the world that only existed in fairy tales. She felt like floating above the clouds and mist, as if she was in a dream. That was why she could unconsciously look around every morning when she opened her eyes, making sure that she wasn't in a world parallel to the one she had seen.

Now that she stepped into the crowded subway, she felt so lucky that she had a good landing.

A very polite young man next to me got up and gave up his seat.

"Thank you." She thanked him with a smile and sat down. He stood in front of her with ants all over his body and felt extremely uncomfortable. It was torture a

short time.

Lucas stared at the noodles but didn't eat anything for a long time. It smelled good, but he felt a little hesitant when he smelled it strange. The most important thing was that there were too many strangers around him and he was used to eating in quiet places. The noise made him uncomfortable.

He turned to look at Sophia and found that she was concentrating on eating.

"Hurry up. It's very delicious." She urged, and fed the mushroom into his mouth.

After chewing it, it tasted really good, so he picked up the chopsticks and started, trying to be without a second thought.

"Does it taste good?" She looked at him with a smile and put another piece of dried bean in his bowl.

"Not bad." He nodded.

In the afternoon, they planned to go to the botanical garden, but unexpectedly, Sara called and said she was left home by Linda. This time, Maria was not here, so she could only ask for her help. 'Well, all the plans have been changed. This is the end of the civilian date. They'll be an intern as her parents.' She called Mike and asked him to drive to pick them up and take Lucas's wallet with him.

They went to Linda's house and picked up Sara.

After they got into the car, Sara put her arms around Sophia's waist and kissed her on the cheek. "Auntie Sophia, I miss you very much. I missed you since yesterday when you left." How sweet Sara was! Hearing that, Sophia laughed happily.

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