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   Chapter 149 Honey's Three Trump Cards (Part Two)

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The familiar footsteps came from outside. She closed her eyes in a hurry and pretended to be asleep.

When he came back, Sophia felt that his whole body was pure and fresh. He wore a baby blue Pajama with a slight collar. She opened one of her eyes and took a look. Oh my God, her heart was beating very fast. He would ruin many young girls' hearts.

While she was laughing, someone opened the other eye of her eye. He had already seen through her tricks. In such a dangerous moment, if she could fall asleep, her reputation would have hit the earth.

"Honey, are you anxious?"

She yawned and squinted slightly, pretending to be very sleepy. "Who's waiting for you? I'm just dreaming, and you woke me up."

With a faint smile, he lied down on the bed, pretending that he didn't hear anything about what happened tonight. He stretched out his hand and was going to turn off the light to sleep. Before he fell asleep, a hand reached out and patted him on the back of his hand. "Are you tired?"

"Yes." He answered in a low voice, pretending to be tired.

Oh, my God! Is this the effect of overwork? Sophia's heart trembled. 'Shit! Didn't he sleep with that woman?'

Seeing Lucas close his eyes and almost fall asleep, Sophia got very angry and punched him on the face. Lucas, on the other hand, had already expected it.

"Honey, exercise is not good for your health. Be careful not to scare the baby."

Seeing the snicker on her lips, Sophia suddenly realized that he was teasing her. She gave him a ferocious stare and then turned her clumsy body around to ignore him.

"Okay." With a weird look in his eyes, Lucas placed his hands on the back of his head and said in a low voice, "We'll put long lines and wait her to be caught up."

Sophia nodded slightly and planned to go to Maria's apartment tomorrow to find out the truth, because Maria and Linda lived in the same apartment.

She went in the afternoon. As soon as she reached the door, she heard someone scream hysterically inside. The door was not closed and she gently pushed open, only to see a little girl running towards her and quickly hiding behind her. "Aunt, call the police. Aunt M

Perhaps so did Sara's parents.

So she thought for a while and said softly, "The baby has to get out of your mother's stomach first before you go to see the nun."

Looking at her, Sara didn't seem to understand what she meant. She put her little hand on the baby's belly and put her ear on it. She giggled as she spoke to the baby in French.

Looking at the cute little girl, Sophia liked her very much. She didn't expect Linda to have such a cute child. She touched her belly, thinking that her baby with Lucas must be as beautiful and smart as Linda.

It took Maria a long time to clean herself up. When she came out, she stared at Sara and said, "Go back to your own home quickly. Don't make trouble here."

When Sara heard that she was going to drive her away, she looked down and pouted. She was about to cry.

"Cut it out. Otherwise, you will be spanked." Maria waved her hand, and pretended to hit her. The little girl cried. It seemed that she was really bored staying at home and didn't want to go back.

Sophia took her in her arms, patted her on the shoulder and coaxed, "Don't cry, honey. You can stay here. I'll play with you."

The little girl's face was as beautiful as the days in June. Upon hearing that, she immediately stopped crying and pulled her arm. "Aunt, I'm hungry. I want to eat pizza." The little girl only spent two hours on it. And now, she treated her as a friend, and didn't feel any shame at all.

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