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   Chapter 146 Be Careful, A Mistress! (Part Three)

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While she was grieving, Lucas called her. He said there was a dinner party that he would come back late and by the way she told him that she would stay with her mother for the night. The tone was very calm, which suppressed all the tumultuous emotions in her heart. She didn't want Mandy to know what was going on.

Mandy was relieved to see that everything was fine. She severed the Hami melon she bought this morning and gave it to her daughter.

"Tell me what you want to eat for dinner. I'll go to the supermarket to buy for you later. I told you that pregnant women should eat healthy food, or it is not good for the baby. "

Hearing this, Sophia shook her head. She had a good appetite and there was no particularly delicious food for now. She once wanted to eat the plum blossom cake from the Lady Sue Bakery, but when she fell asleep, Lucas sneaked out and bought it for her. She wondered how could he ask the boss to make it for him in the middle of the night. Thinking of this, she smiled slightly.

It was undeniable that Lucas loved, cared, respected and spoiled her. However, being his one and only lover did not mean that she would be his only woman in the future. As time went by, she would get old and ugly, but he was still charming to women. When meeting young, beautiful, and pleasant woman, he would inevitably indulge himself in the pleasure of being with them. When facing with a girl, he would overcome all the difficulties and make them a loser. She was wondering if she could turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to it at that time, just like the other rich ladies.

Men and women were two different species innately. If a woman wanted to become a real strong man, she could only be indifferent to men.

She thought she could stay alone tonight. Unexpectedly, Lucas came back after finishing the dinner party.

She yawned and pretended to be sleepy, saying, "It's late. What are you doing here?"

"I'm a little unaccustomed to not see you when I co

it and said in an resolute tone, "I never have the word 'betrayal' in my dictionary. Do you understand?"

She stopped talking, and her head was very confused. It seemed like it had been stuck in a big paste and kept disturbing. The more it was messed up, the more chaotic it was.

She decided to let it go. She lay down and closed her eyes.

But Lucas was still in the face of the injustice. More importantly, he didn't even know what the injustice was. He was so pitiful for having suffered such a great injustice. How could he let go of her?

He reached out and touched her eyelids, gently blowing a breath, reminding her not to pretend to be asleep.

"Honey, it's time to tell me what happened, right?"

Sophia decided to tell him everything. After all, Lucas was her husband. She grabbed his arm, sat up and leaned against the edge of the bed and told him what happened in the afternoon.

Hearing this, Lucas's eyes were filled with anger, and his forehead tendons jumped out. "Who's that lunatic? Hasn't she taken medicine for a few days? The paranoia is so serious!" Then he turned and glared at her with a ferocious look. "Sophia, I thought you were usually very clever? She's just a lunatic, that's all. Do you really believe her? And you're going to sling mud at your husband together with her? "

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