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   Chapter 144 Be Careful, A Mistress! (Part One)

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In the quiet night, the pale yellow light rolled over the whole room. The night wind swept through, and the bed curtain before the bed rippled with ripples and blurred.

After taking a bath, Sophia slipped into the gauze cover and wore a Lilac Floral nightdress...

Lucas swallowed and hurried to turn off the light. She took his hand and waved it in front of his eyes. Then, she put her index finger on his lips. It was about to shock him when he held it in a hurry. "Honey, be good!"

What! If you, a single celled cavernous animal, can stand it, the sun would rise from the west, and then some women might take advantage of it. Said Sophia angrily.

"Honey, don't worry. It won't hurt the baby." After saying that, she lifted a pair of small hands and waved them in front of him.

"So you mean..." Lucas raised his eyebrows and said knowingly.

"Yes." Sophia nodded and snickered.

Lucas was quiet, lying down like a docile sheep, and decided to obey the order of her.

In the morning, after Lucas went to the company, Maria called and asked to come to the Bluewater Villa with Linda.

Sophia gave each of them an intelligence brooch.

Linda looked at it in surprise. "What is this?"

"It's equivalent to a sensor. It will tell your location at any time and anywhere. Without this brooch, you would be regarded as an intruder and the computer would call the police. " Sophia explained.

"Your security here has been strengthened. I didn't have this thing last time I came here." Maria giggled.

Sophia shrugged her shoulders. She used to live in Bluewater Villa, and the safety level was yellow from the beginning. But recently, something seemed to be wrong in the villa, and Lucas had turned the level to orange. She didn't ask, because she knew he didn't want her to worry.

Linda looked around, "Your house is so advanced."

Sophia smiled. The defensive system of Bluewater Villa was designed by Lucas himself. Its intelligence rate was similar to that of the mansion of Gates. Lucas worked in IT industry before. He took charge of the Department of South Africa and engaged in IT industry.

"Is this all controlled by a computer?" Linda asked in sur

y reached the end, Linda stopped. She was attracted by the painting hanging on the wall. It was the painting that Lucas had just got. It was a caricature of Adela by Klimt. Lucas's men had just sent it here yesterday.

"Is it fake too?"

"What do you think?" Sophia smiled faintly and asked in reply.

"Really?" Linda put on a strange expression, "Your husband is the richest heir in the East. How could you just have so many fakes in your house?"

"There are no real goods in Bluewater Villa." Sophia pointed at the wall, "Are you interested in paintings? Let's see if you like it or not. If you want, you can pick whatever you like. "

Linda waved her hand with a smile and followed them out.

In the backyard garden, Sophia asked a maid to bring them black tea and cake. Maria couldn't wait to take up a piece of cake, smeared with cream and applied with a layer of bonberry jam, and send it into her mouth, and ate with relish.

Linda took a sip of the black tea and looked at Sophia with an indescribable look. "Your husband put a fake in your house. Is it because he's afraid that you're secretly selling it?"

Maria rolled her eyes at her and snapped, "Don't talk nonsense. They are a couple. Even if they don't want to get in touch with each other, he won't try to protect their children." Maria smiled and touched Sophia's belly. The babies she carried could worth much money. She could live a carefree life with the help of them.

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