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   Chapter 139 The Truth Is Always Cruel (Part Four)

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"Honey, there are still many movies we can watch. How about the newly released Transformers 4?"

"Did I act in that scene?" Her last sentence made him speechless. It turned out that he wanted to see himself instead of watching the movie. Recently, his wife was more and more narcissistic.

At the beginning of the movie, Sophia stared at the movie intently with her big round eyes. She held her big belly and laughed loudly as soon as she saw her one arm demon show up. In the middle of the movie, she even looked up and down, which frightened Lucas to hold her shivering shoulders. "Honey, calm down. Calm down. Take care of your belly."

"Lucas, don't you think that I have a special talent for acting?" She held his handsome face in her hands and stared straight at him. Her eyes were constantly bright, and she was eagerly looking forward to his recognition.

He nodded his head repeatedly. At this time, he must press 999 likes as a sign of encouragement. However, on the contrary, Sophia looked very depressed instead of a smile. Did she find that he was flattering her?

"Honey, your acting skill is excellent. I'm telling the truth, and I'm absolutely telling the truth."

Sophia curled her lips and almost cried, "Then why am I not nominated for the best female supporting role of the Pig Reward?"

Her words awakened Lucas. Now, he finally understood why she psychologically went spiraled into madness this week was because the nomination of Pig Reward.

"Even if I don't have the best supporting actress, at least they will give me the best actress or guest performer. I don't want to hear anything about the powerful people at the golden pig award." Sophia stood up from the sofa, with her hands on the hips

ics that they had never seen before, including the famous pieces of relics stolen from K Country by the hunters in the western over a hundred years ago. The auction attracted many foreign collections.

As the auction was about to begin, a man with brown hair and blue eyes came in. His strong magnetic field attracted the attention of many people present.

Sophia couldn't help glancing at him. The man was handsome with fair skin, and his features were deep and delicate. His blue eyes were icy cold, which made him look like a devil. His lips were light red and curved slightly. He looked mysterious.

A man and a woman followed him. They were both pretty and looked like mixed blood. He looked around the hall and fixed his eyes on Lucas. He sat next to them in silence, poker faced. There was only one passage between them.

"Who is it?" Lucas whispered to Tina, who was sitting on his left side. Tina's brain was like a super computer. The information of all the people involved in the auction was stored in her brain.

"Adam Rossi. He is nobody but an Italian. He looks like a jewelry businessman, but actually he's in the field of oil."

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