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   Chapter 138 The Truth Is Always Cruel (Part Three)

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Updated: 2020-03-08 00:12

"Who are you?" Her voice was trembling.

"Melody, you don't know me. I'm Joyce!" The woman's mouth did not move, and the voice seemed to be from the throat directly, but the familiar voice made her fear.

"You are dead! You are dead!" She squatted down in fear.

"You killed me!" The woman, like a ghost, suddenly came in front of her and pinched her neck. Her whole body was trembling violently. When Joyce died, only she and Chuck were present. No one could know it, unless she was the real Joyce.

"I didn't mean to do that. It was an accident. I didn't mean to kill you. It was you who wanted to kill me. You told Lucas's grandpa that thing and forbade me from marrying Lucas. I was so angry that I wanted to beat you, but I didn't expect you to fall." She stood up all of a sudden and threw the electric shock to the woman, who instantly grabbed her hand and threw her away. Then all the weapons in her hand fell down to the ground.

The woman laughed, and the laugh went back and forth like saw through a wood, penetrating into the heart of a man. "I'm dead. How can you kill me? Now it's my turn to take your life. "

She was scared to death, hands on her head, and screamed, "Chuck, help me, help me..."

At that moment, the light was suddenly turned on. And inside the room, there were Lucas and Sophia. When she saw Sophia, Melody roared, "Why didn't you die? I killed you already."

"Look at what's on the bed." Sophia sneered.

Turning her head around, Melody saw a rag doll lying on the bed and her whole body was covered in tomato paste. "No --" she screamed madly.

"Melody, you have killed one man. Do you still want to make another one?" The female ghost next to her took off her mask and found out that it was actually a disguise of Mary. It had taken a lot of efforts to ask a professional makeup team

In the backyard garden, green trees sprinkled cool shadows, blocking the blazing sun in the sky.

The breeze blew and the air was filled with the rich fragrance of flowers.

She lied on a lounger, listening to music and taking a nap, satisfied and comfortable.

Lucas quietly walked to her side and put his head on her swollen belly. His babies could beat her in her belly.

When she opened her eyes and saw him, she smiled and asked, "When did you come back?"

"Just now." He smiled and said, "Are the two babies obedient today? Did they kick your belly or not?"

"I've already stretched myself this morning. And I'm taking a nap now." She gave a soft smile and tried to sit up. However, she was so heavy that it was still a little difficult to move. Lucas hastily stretched out his hand.

In a good mood, Sophia strolled around the garden and went back to see the movie. Looking at the movie she picked up, Lucas was speechless immediately. It was "Colossal Demo" again. Recently, Sophia was so weird that she didn't go to sleep until she watched this movie for a few times. During this period, Lucas knew that she had watched it for twelve times. When he closed his eyes, he could recite all the lines.

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