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   Chapter 135 A Little Princess You Want (Part Four)

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"Melody --" Chuck rushed to her, and the others followed him.

He pushed the door open and saw Melody falling to the ground, with her eyes closed, her hands over her head, trembling.

"What's wrong, Melody?" Chuck hugged her.

"Joyce! Joyce! I saw her! " Melody jumped into his arms with fear.

Sophia shivered and grabbed Lucas's arm unconsciously. He held her up with a sharp light flashing in his eyes, "Melody, where is Joyce?"

"She is outside the window." Pointed at the window, quivering, Melody continued, "She was in a red dress, and her hair was long. Her face was as white as a piece of paper, and her eyes were still bleeding. She had been staring at me, just like when she had died."

"Let's go out and have a look." John took them to the garden for an inspection. Ellie walked to the window behind the bathroom, but found nothing there. When she was about to go back, she stepped on a hard object and picked it up. It was a pearl earring.

However, the comer found nothing. Ellie gave the ear she had picked up to Melody.

After taking a closer look at the earrings, Melody exclaimed, "They are the earrings that I gave to Joyce on her seventeenth birthday."

The crowd looked at each other and burst into an uproar.

Sophia put her head against Lucas's chest, and her heart raced uncontrollably.

Then Chuck put Melody on the wheelchair and pushed her back to the garden.

At the moment, the party was over. After Ellie finished cutting the cake, the guests left, leaving the Mo family members alone.

Lucas walked to Melody, who was still frightened, and consoled her with his hands on her head. Then he asked, "Melody, do you think of Joyce?"

Nodding, Melody said in a trembling voice, "She died. She jumped off the building."

Chuck held her shoulders and said, "Have you seen it clearly? Is that woman really Joyce?"

"It's her! It's her! Though she looks scary, I can still recognize h

t was her. However, she was shocked. His handsome face was full of oil gray. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead and added two more lines.

"Honey! Are you hungry? I've practiced for a whole morning and I think this piece of steak will be ready soon. " He grinned, showing a row of neat teeth, and finally let her see the place which was white. She quickly got wet tissue to wipe his face and said, "Well, don't roast any more. I don't want to eat steak today!"

"You don't feel like eating today, maybe tomorrow." He shrugged his shoulders and picked up a piece of fresh steak and put it on the grill. He had to learn how to cook it. If one day she wanted to eat steak, she might go to find John. He would never allow such a thing to happen! She seemed to have read his mind and smiled, "When I want to eat it, we can just let the cook do it."

"But honey, I want you to eat the steak I personally made." He looked very serious.

She stepped forward and hugged him from behind. "You fool, I want a husband, not a cook. It doesn't matter if you can cook or not. Just like me, I also have a lot of things that I can't do either. I don't know how to dance. Every time I dance, I step on your foot. I don't play golf. A swing goes out not a ball, but a golf club."

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