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   Chapter 134 A Little Princess You Want (Part Three)

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Melody was a little disappointed. She did not understand what Lucas was thinking just now.

Chuck was sitting behind a silver tree, scratching his head with distress. His thick black hair was disheveled by him. Seeing that they were back, he stood up and took over the wheelchair of Melody.

"Lucas!" Said Melody, looking pitifully at Lucas, reluctant to part.

"I have something to discuss with Lucas, Melody, I'll come to you later," Sophia explained as she coaxed the little girl

Family matter!

When Lucas heard these two words, his heart trembled. Did she want to tame him?

Then he obediently followed Sophia, walked to the chair in front of tulip and sat down.

"Honey, I was a little slow in the response just now. I didn't avoid her in time. I'll be more careful next time." He would admit his mistake and try to reduce the punishment. Sophia put her hand on his broad shoulder and patted it gently. "I forgive you this time. But remember to be smart next time. Don't embarrass your wife in public."

His wife was so magnanimous. Lucas was gratified.

It was late in the afternoon, and John was preparing the best steak for him. The delicious smell of the beef steak wafted in the garden, which reminded Sophia of a good appetite.

Sure enough, it was a three-day separation. When they looked at each other with new eyes, John's barbecue skill had improved by leaps and bounds.

She licked her lips and was about to turn around to have a look when a piece of fragrant and crispy steak was served in front of her.

"Have a try, please!" He wanted Sophia to be the first guest.

Sophia took up the knife and fork, cut a piece and put it into her mouth.

'God, it's soft, tender and fragrant. This is so yummy!'!

She gave the thumbs up and gobbled it up.

John smiled. He glanced at Lucas with his eyes full of pride, which stabbed directly into Lucas's heart like a sharp knife. Ellie had told him that Lucas couldn't even cook noodles. Cooking was his weakness.

Seeing that John went to Sophia'

e do you want to eat? I'll roast again."

"Don't bother, Melody. I'll do it myself." Lucas touched her head.

"You can't roast." Smiling, Melody moved her wheelchair and said, "I'll roast for you. I know what you like to eat."

It really hurt to mention that, for it poked Lucas's soft spot again. He lowered his head to eat chicken wings for relaxation.

Melody had roasted lamb chop, white crucian, and lobster for him. Seeing that he was enjoying the food with relish, she happily turned the wheelchair to the washroom to wash her hands. Chuck originally wanted to go with her, but she wanted to exercise her independence.

"It's good to have someone roast food for you. I don't have the strength to move recently," said Sophia with a smile, resting her head on the shoulder of Lucas.

Lucas glared at her without saying anything. Actually, he was blaming Ellie who held a party and what was more, a buffet barbecue. She made John the limelight because of the troubles she had made!

Ellie sneezed from far away.

The garden was shrouded in darkness.

The servants brought a cake. All stopped talking and gathered around the cake, waiting for the birthday star to blow out the candles.

The garden became extremely quiet.

Suddenly, a scream broke the night, and shook every corner in the garden. The sound came from the bathroom.

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