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   Chapter 133 A Little Princess You Want (Part Two)

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"I'm very well done. I will prepare the best steak for you today." John was not the man who used to be. Now he was not only handsome in the drawing room but also skillful in the kitchen.

"Okay, let me taste the food you cook later." Sophia smiled gracefully.

A murderous light quietly flashed through Lucas's eyes. In his heart, John was still an invisible enemy. His foundation was too deep, and there would be a danger if he came back at any time. He had to be prepared in advance.

Ellie was more nervous than him. She still needed to work harder. Noticing that a new friend was approaching, Ellie held John's arm and tried to send him away. But he was unwilling to do so. He had a lot to talk with Sophia. He wanted to let her see his change and to let her find that he was much better than before. He couldn't change his habit of being with her for a long time. No matter what happened, he wanted to be the first one to share with her.

But Lucas was standing in the middle with a pair of vigilant eyes and the defense capacity of his body was 9999%! It seemed that he was reminding them that he was her husband!

He felt that cold water was pouring down and drenched his heart. The past was gone and she had married someone. And she would become a mother soon. She didn't only belong to him as before. He came to his senses again, and finally he broke down in the cruel reality. He uttered thousands of words and was held back by Ellie unwillingly like a robot who felt depressed and walked away.

Sitting on the chair with his arm around her waist, Lucas offered Sophia a glass of juice and said, "Honey, you want to eat steak, I'll roast it for you later."

Understanding what he was thinking about, she gave him a smile and said, "Well, today is Ellie's birthday. John is going to do his best. You'd better not steal other people's thunder." The most important thing was that she was very worried about Lucas's skills. Since the little steak was out of the furnace, it would not make this perfect image hateful.

"All right." It seemed that she convinced him. He raised his eyebrows, 'Just give him a chance to show his ability."

As they were talking, a soft voice came from not far away, "Lucas..

oo much." Sophia patted him on the shoulder to comfort him and walked towards the crowd.

When the song was over, thunderous applause erupted.

Melody's heart was beating fast. It seemed that she hadn't been praised and surrounded by a crowd for a long time. What was more important was that she was together with Lucas.

She raised her arms excitedly, held around his neck and kissed Lucas on the cheek.

Lucas was shocked. He pushed her hand away and stood up to search for Chuck in the crowd. However, he was still not replaced at the critical moment? But Chuck didn't show up. He was hiding in a corner, dejected.

John's eyes were burning with anger when he saw this scene. Lucas was cheating on Sophia openly while she was pregnant with his child. That was going too far! He was about to punch Lucas in the face, but Ellie hurriedly grabbed him and took him to a quiet place to explain.

The others all gasped and turned their eyes to Sophia.

Sophia was composed and cool. She walked to Lucas and held his arm, "Hi, cousin!" The sound was clear and loud.

Everyone was confused. Was she playing a role?

"Chuck was over there." She pointed to the shadow behind the Silvertree. "Let's return Melody to him."

While walking, Lucas gazed at her face. He was afraid that his wife would be jealous of Melody, so he had to kneel down on the floor of their house. Turning around, Sophia smiled calmly, which didn't seem to ease the anxiety of a certain person.

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