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   Chapter 131 He Is On The Verge Of Breaking Down (Part Four)

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With shyness all over her face, she held up her small pink fist and gave him a gentle punch on the shoulder, burying her head in his arms.

After dinner, Lucas went to the study. At the moment, Sophia was reading Joyce's diary while eating cherries on the sofa. In the letter, Joyce wrote down the things about Melody complained to her about it. She secretly overheard the conversation between Lucas and Chuck. Chuck asked Lucas to let her go and Lucas promised to treat her as his sister forever. Joyce chuckled to herself. In her eyes, Melody was not only her best friend, but also her biggest rival in love. She was too beautiful and excellent, which made her feel jealous and lose confidence. Moreover, they had known each other since childhood. She felt that as long as there was melody, Lucas would not notice her.

At the sight of this, Sophia shook her head. 'Watch out the best friend around you and don't let her steal your boyfriend' she thought to herself!

"You are so absorbed!" Lucas went out from the study room. She looked up and stuffed a cherry into his mouth when he walked out of the room.

"May I ask you something?"

He smiled and spat out a small core. "I'm all that I want to tell you."

"Did Joyce jump from the building before what happened between you and Melody?"

Lucas stopped and said, "She was on summer vacation when I was going to marry Melody. Joyce was fired and she won't come to school in the new semester." He flipped her hair over her shoulder and asked, "Have you found anything?"

"Actually, Joyce has always been jealous of Melody. Melody is the campus Belle and the princess of the piano. She is excellent in every aspect. She regards Melody as her biggest rival in love."

Hearing that, Lucas raised his hand to touch his forehead, while a tinge of sadness flashed across his eyes. He sai


In a hurry, Chuck held her hand and said, "Don't worry, Melody. You haven't touched them for a long time. You'll be fine after playing a little more."

"It's none of your business." She pulled out her hands, exerted some strength to push him away, and then bent on the keys and cried out loud. Lucas looked at her and found that she still seemed to be the same, who strived for perfection in everything without any flaws. He gently touched her head and said, "It doesn't matter, Melody. You haven't practiced for a long time, so you are a little rusty. Let me play with you, okay?"

Raising her head and taking a few sobs, a smile played at the corners of her mouth. She said, "Lucas, let's play Mozart's two Piano Sonata in G major."

"Okay." Lucas nodded.

As a result, a series of mobile sound waves rang out in the room, forming the quiet Twilight into pieces, and playing the dull dusk into lively and dancing.

Looking at them, Chuck felt that he was as useless as before. He could not play the piano with her. No matter how hard he tried, he could not keep up with her rhythm. Her fingers flew on the keys like a waterfall. Only Lucas could play the piano, and they cooperated perfectly without any trace.

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