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   Chapter 130 He Is On The Verge Of Breaking Down (Part Three)

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Lucas also felt bad. He didn't know what to say but sighed, "I have to go now."

He turned around and walked towards the door. When he was about to open the door, Melody pushed Chuck away. She wanted to catch up with Lucas, so she fell off the wheelchair out of anxiety. "Melody!" Chuck immediately reached out to help her, but she shook off his hand. "Go away. It's none of your business!" She crawled towards Lucas with difficulty. "Lucas, don't go. I was wrong. I was willful and childish. I will change. I will."

Lucas came back, held her up, put her on the wheelchair, and gently stroked her hand. "Melody, I'll come to see you tomorrow, okay?"

Murmured Melody as she looked down at him. It seemed that she didn't believe what he said. "Will you come back? I waited for you to visit me every day, but you didn't come. It seemed that I had been waiting for you for a long time. " She blinked her eyes, and a drop of tear fell down from her eyelashes.

When she said that, Lucas's heart quivered slightly. He hadn't seen her since she left the Maud Villa. Although he knew that she didn't leave Q City and lived in this place, he chose to forget about all these things. He said, "Melody, I will come tomorrow. I promise!"

She raised her eyes, smiled and said, "Then I'll wait for you. If you don't come, I'll not eat anything, nor sleep. I'll wait for you all the time!"

Chuck stood at the window and didn't look at them. The reflection of the glass reflected his eyes that were filled with jealousy. Ellie sighed and left with Lucas.

Seeing the door closed, Melody slid the wheelchair behind Chuck, "Chuck, are you not happy? I didn't mean it just now. I know you are the best to me. You won't be mad at me, will you? "

Chuck turned around, knelt on one knee in front of her and buried his head in her legs. "Melody, I don't mind if he can wake you up. I only want you to be healthy, smile and talk with me as before."

"Chuck!" She fondled his h

after suffering a setback."

He slightly nodded his head and reached out to wipe the ice-cream left on her mouth for her. "I went to see Melody today."

"Really?" She was slightly surprised. She thought he was going out to work. "How is she now?" She asked lightly.

He didn't answer. After a long time of silence, he said, "I think I should go to see her more often."

She smiled and put her hands on his face, "It doesn't matter. You can go. I'm not jealous." He leaned over and kissed her on the lips. And so did she. Her cheeks were burning, rosy clouds rippled over her skin. She could not help but undo his buttons. He pressed the brake, grabbed her hands and swallowed some water to moisten his hot throat. His voice was still husky. "Honey, you can't do it now. After the baby is born, I will satisfy you."

She felt a little embarrassed and annoyed. The roles she was supposed to play were all turned around. How could they all become his?

He raised the corners of his mouth and flashed a playful smile. "You know I don't mean that." Sophia pouted and stared at him. 'Come on! Don't try to fool me around!' she thought. He embraced her with a smile. How could he not know what she was thinking? "It was sleeping soundly. How could it be lonely? It will not wake up until our baby is born. "

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