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   Chapter 125 The Baby's Movements (Part Two)

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"No, just go to the company." She replied indifferently and pulled her hand out.

Obviously, she was still angry.

Luckily, Lucas had found out the reason via Internet for this morning. No sooner had a woman gotten pregnant than she suffered from endocrine disorders. She would lose her temper and become psychologically crazy. The man had to comfort her in every aspect.

"Honey, anger is not good for our baby. When we go back, I will obediently kneel down for you, and add a pan on my head, OK?"

"Since when did you become so glib? It's not like your style." She forced a smile.

"As long as you are happy, I will do anything for you." He smiled charmingly.

She also knew that she should stop, but she felt like something was blocked in her heart, and she was always uncomfortable.

She sighed, maybe it was because she was pregnant.

When they arrived at company, she received a call from John. She hadn't seen him since their wedding, so they decided to have dinner together.

She thought that John would bring Ellie, but it turned out that he was the only one.

He looked healthy. A new hairstyle appeared on his forehead, which made him look more mature.

"I heard from Ellie that you are going to be a mother. Congratulations," A slight smile stole away the bitterness in his heart.

"How are you and Ellie doing?" She smiled like a crescent moon.

"Not bad." He said briefly with a calm expression. He knew that he had more pity and responsibility for Ellie. Although she once had a child for him, it was not because he loved her. He couldn't find passion or sparks. Perhaps he was too old to accept another woman. He started the car and asked, "Where shall we go for dinner?"

"The weather is perfect for hotpot."

"You know me best." John smiled, and his simple words touched the heart of Sophia. Yes, in front of her, he was a transparent crystal, able to see everything in the room clearly. While Lucas was a glass. Even if she had the magnifying glass, under the dazzling sun, she still couldn't see the secrets in it.

After arriving at hotpot restaurant, they ordered a two flavor hotpot as before.

Sophia cas

called you but you didn't answer." He sighed and rushed home. The first thing he did was to check her belongings. He was afraid that she would run away from home again on impulse and play hide and seek with him.

"I'm having hotpot with John." She said lightly.

He was surprised. "Ellie is also here?"

"No, just me and John." Her tone was casual.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows, as if a little unpleasant. Sophia keenly noticed that, and knew that he was jealous. The male animals were just so possessive, especially this one.

"Though I and John are separated, we can still get along with each other as good friends. And I know most about him in the world. I know all his little affairs from childhood. He never hides anything from me. Even if he can't tell my parents about it, he will tell me that there is no secrets between us. In the world, John is the most trustworthy person in the world and he trusts me the most. "

She couldn't think of the reason why she would say that. At the same time, his eyes turned dark. His heart was beaten by a fierce sniper. Unspeakable pain overflowed from his strong outside. He stood up and walked up to the bar counter stiffly. He poured a glass of whiskey and drank it up. It seemed that he wanted to paralyze his heart with strong alcohol.

The servant brought a bowl of hot dishes and said, "Sir, take some food."

He had lost his appetite and staggered out, waving his hand.

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