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   Chapter 124 The Baby's Movements (Part One)

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After a pause, Ellie continued, "The most important thing is that my cousin's attitude suddenly changed. He said he would be responsible for Melody and would marry her. All his family were shocked."

"Get married?" Sophia was surprised, "Will Lucas marry Melody?"

"Yes, everyone in the family does not agree, especially Grandpa. He said that except for the paternity test, the father of the baby in Melody's belly would be Lucas's, so that Melody could be accepted as a member of the Mo family. However, in a few days, Melody suddenly lost her baby. If Lucas still wanted to marry Melody, his grandpa wouldn't agree and even drove her out of the villa. In the evening, his grandpa called Melody to the study and after they talked something, Melody was annoyed and jumped off from the roof of the Maud villa. Although she was put on a floating mat, her spine was injured and she could only sit in the balloon all her life on a wheelchair. Then the Melody's family left Maud Villa with Melody, and then my brother left as well. Grandpa doesn't allow anyone to mention this matter again, and tell others that my brother has gone abroad to study. " Ellie sighed. She was sorry for her elder brother, who was stubborn about his love for Melody.

Sophia gasped. The situation was far more complicated than she could imagine. What on earth happened between Lucas and Melody? Her curiosity was driven by a desire, but she knew that she shouldn't ask Lucas. Everyone had his bottom line. His taboo was about Melody.

It was very late at night and Ellie had fallen asleep very early. But Sophia was not sleepy at all. She got up from the bed and went to the balcony.

A gust of cold wind blew over, mixed with the rich fragrance of Maud, flowing in the night.

The moonlight poured into the garden.

Between the scattered flower shadows, she saw a tall man. She looked at him and found that it was Lucas. He walked slowly along the stone path and then sat in front of a marble table.

It turned out that she was not the only one who didn't want to sleep.

She walked out of the room and went to the back garden. "Why don't you sleep?"

ent to bed early, she would probably forget it tomorrow. So he followed her without coaxing her.

However, this time he was wrong. The next morning she didn't seem to calm down. When she saw him twisting his head, lifting his eyebrows, she turned around and left.

"Honey." He hurried to catch up with her and held her in his arms fawningly. Fiona had wanted to push him away, but when she saw Mr. and Mrs. Mo coming, she put down her hands and smiled. "Daddy, Mommy, good morning!"

"Did you sleep well last night?" Asked Anna smilingly.

"Not bad." She nodded.

"Where is Ellie? She didn't come downstairs with you." Jacob looked backward.

"She is still sleeping."

Jacob smiled and shook his head. "She is still too lazy to get out of the bed."

"Let her sleep. I'll ask the servant to bring her the breakfast later." Anna had always been kind to Ellie.

After breakfast, Lucas left with Sophia.

Sitting in the car, she was in a bad mood. Not wanting to talk to him, she simply closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. In fact, she didn't really get angry with him or make him angry. She just felt a little disappointed. She thought she already knew about Lucas, but now she found that there was still a dark and complex trap in the trap she had just dug out.

"Did you have a poor sleep? I'll take you home and we don't go to company. " He held her hand when they waited for the traffic lights.

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