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   Chapter 123 Honey, Baby Is Coming! (Part Four)

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"Chuck!" Jacob berated immediately. He knew that he wouldn't say anything nice.

"Chuck, would you like to have a nice meal with me?" Ellie stepped on his foot under the table.

Clenching his fists, Lucas's finger joints tapped, his chest heaving, and even the table cloth was trembling. But he tried hard not to go mad.

But it was as if Sophia had been punched hard. Had Melody been pregnant? It seemed that what Chuck said had something to do with Lucas. Looking at the gloom on the Mo family's faces, she could not ask more.

Mr. and Mrs. Mo saw that Sophia was so sensible and they had a better feeling towards her.

It was a fancy dinner, but all of them had lost their appetite with the presence of Chuck.

After dinner, the maid brought some fruit.

As everyone was quiet, Sophia decided to ease the atmosphere.

"Lucas, do you think it's a boy or a girl?" She put her hands on her lower abdomen. The look on Lucas's face softened a lot. He turned around and smiled, holding her hand. "Girl, I want a daughter, just like you."

"But I want a son, just like you." Sophia smiled gracefully.

"You can have a boy and a girl twins, and both of your requirements will be satisfied."

"Good boy and girl twins. How nice it is!" Jacob smiled and said, "We have never had boy and girl twins in Mo family."

"Anyway, your granddaughter and grandson are all the same, your father and I both like them." "You're pregnant. Eat more fruit," Anna continued, stabbing a grape with her fork to her.

"Thank you, Mommy." Sophia took it with a smile.

Sitting next to them, Chuck looked at them with a mocking smile. When he was about to speak, Ellie picked up a fairy fruit and put it into his mouth. "Chuck, don't speak too much. Eat more fruit."

Chuck rolled his eyes and said, "If you could tr

bath, they lay down on the bed together. They chatted casually while watching TV. Sophia talked about her new movie for a while, and then turned the topic to Melody.

"Ellie, has Melody ever been pregnant??"

Ellie nodded. Anyway, her brother had told her, so there was no need to hide.

"It's from Lucas?"

"Melody told us that the baby is Lucas's, but Lucas said nothing happened between him and her," Ellie pouted and said, "At that time, Chuck was so angry that he kept asking me to kill Lucas."

"It's impossible. According to Lucas's character, if the child is his, he won't deny." Sophia touched her chin. After such a long time, she thought she knew something about Lucas. He had told her that his submachine gun had never been hot, and that he didn't even know the pregnancy test stick, which proved that he was innocent in this aspect.

"So do our family. That's how they think of their relationship. Melody insisted that the baby was Lucas's. She also took out his pen and said that he left it on his bed after they slept together."

"Did they have sex?" Sophia had been holding some grudges.

"One of them said yes and the other said no. No one knows what happened between them!"

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