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   Chapter 122 Honey, Baby Is Coming! (Part Three)

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Lucas was suddenly frightened. He jumped up from the sofa and took two steps back unconsciously. "Honey, it's just a fluorescent pen. If you like me to buy you everything in a store!"

"Don't mention the fluorescent pen to me!" a roar burst out from her, echoing the wide hall.

"My dear, what did I do to make you angry?" Lying there, with one hand on his own, Lucas was confused. All of a sudden, an idea struck him that during the time that Sophia had been in her period, and then he was suddenly enlightened. For a woman, these days of each month He sighed in his heart.

"Would you like some brown sugar water? I can cook it for you." Lucas turned around and sneaked into the kitchen after he finished his words. The best is to run away right now. At this moment, he must not irritate her. But before he could step into the kitchen, he heard a "wow" sound from the living room. He hurried to withdraw, only to see Sophia lying on the sofa and crying loudly.

Lucas didn't know the reason but comforted, "Honey, don't cry. Who bullied you? I will beat him."

"Who else could it be?"

"I just came back." Lucas was confused. He thought to himself, 'Is it the time to settle accounts after autumn? He had a quick recollection of two months ago. The three obediences and the four virtues were all too much for him to bear?

Sophia grabbed something from the table and threw it to him. "Search Google."

Lucas took it. There was no such thing as gooseberry on the Internet. If he had known that he would design a top search engine himself. Moreover, he had a group of elites. That was why he called Minnie. Women knew women best.

"Help me check what's this?"

Minnie looked at the screen and laughed. "A pregnancy test stick. Boss, you don't even know this?"

"What? What did you say? " Lucas's heart skipped a beat. He didn't want to hear it wrong.

"Pregnancy test stick." Covering her mouth with her hand, Minnie laughed. Suddenly, she widened her eyes and exclaimed, "Two re


When they were having dinner, Lucas almost forgot to eat. He kept putting food onto Sophia's plate. Noticing her change, Chuck said with a touch of smile, "I didn't expect you to be so considerate."

Casting a glance at him, Lucas said nothing. If he said too much, they would inevitably have a quarrel.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Anna smiled and said, "Now that Sophia is pregnant, it's his duty that Lucas takes good care of her."

"Really?" "Congratulations!" said Chuck, raising his eyebrows His tone was stiff. Nobody could tell he was blessed.

Hearing that, Ellie smiled and said, "That's great. I'm going to be an aunt." She couldn't help thinking of her miscarriage, and buried a feeling of bitterness silently.

Lucas filled a bowl of black chicken soup for her and said, "Mom asked Sunny to cook it for you. Drink more."

"Yes." Sophia nodded with a smile.

Something seemed to be triggered again, Chuck said, "Sure enough, life is so different from any other life. Sophia, you are so lucky." He was implying something. Picking up a piece of braised fish onto his plate, Anna said, "Chuck, have a taste." She didn't want Chuck to say something inappropriate, but he just ignored it and continued, "I remember when Melody was pregnant, Lucas treated her differently."

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