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   Chapter 117 A Shot (Part Two)

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Lucas then grabbed Caspar and asked her to lead the way to the room where Sophia was.

He opened the door and was relieved to see Sophia reading a book on the sofa in perfect condition.

"It's good that you are fine."

"Who the hell locked me up?" With arms akimbo, Sophia stomped on the ground angrily.

"You two stay here. I'm going to find Bob." After finishing his words, he ran out of the room. Not until then did Sophia notice that there was someone else outside the door. She went there and saw Caspar, who was still holding her arms and was not freaked out. When she saw Caspar in her own clothes, she immediately understood what happened. "Oh, it's you, Caspar! Do you want to seduce my husband? " She knew Caspar's next move.

With a guilty conscience, Caspar didn't say anything. She bowed her head and touched her aching neck with her hand. At this moment, Sophia noticed the scars on her neck. "What's wrong with your neck? Is it strangled?" Sophia's first reaction was that she was punished by Lucas. On second thought, it was not like him to do something like choking the neck.

"I bumped into a ghost just now. A female ghost nearly got strangled to death by her!" Caspar said and held her arms to stop herself from trembling.

"What ghost?" Sophia was astonished. How come there were ghosts everywhere recently? Weren't the ghosts too early to celebrate?

"She wore a long red dress with a skull mask on her head." Caspar said as she gestured with her fingers.

"It's her again!" She trembled a little! This man is a lunatic! Which psychiatric hospital is she from? Why does she forget to take medicine everyday?'!

"Then I took off her mask." Caspar continued.

"Did you see her face?" As soon as Caspar saw the face clearly, Sophia could be assured.

"You have no idea how horrible she is. Her face is as white as paper and her eyes are red and red. She must be a vampire." Caspar didn't dare to recall anything more.

"I don't think she's a vampire. She's biting her neck, not throttling me." If Sophia's assumption was right, she was the target, because she mistook Caspar for her.

Bob was searching the beac

ust live well."

"I know." She nodded hard, with a kind of laughter on her face showing that she didn't care at all, which made him a little annoyed. He had said something very serious, which could not be more serious. "Be serious!" Lucas growled.

"Yes, sir!" As she saluted, she said.

Mr. Jack saw them flirting with each other and quickly took out a book to cover the screen of the computer.

Then Lucas asked Mr. Jack, "what do you think about it?"

Mr. Jack kept silent for a while, and then said, "I'd better kill this woman. She won't dare to act any bad things in a short time if she has escaped. You'd better take this chance to have a good honeymoon and don't be influenced by her. I'll help you to investigate people around Joyce and see if there's any clue about her."

Lucas nodded. He didn't want their honeymoon to be haunted by it. "I'll ask Jerry to cooperate with you."

After a thrill, the night on the island returned to peace.

The lights in the villa were all turned off, and only one room was still on.

Reaching out his hand, Lucas fumbled on the night table. Then he cursed, "Damn it!" He cursed from his throat.

"What's wrong?" She twisted her body.

"We are done." He breathed a sigh of relief.

"We have seven women with us, haven't we?" A woman said impatiently.

The man looked around, silently counted and got mad, "really."

"What should we do?" A woman looked up at Hiram.

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