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   Chapter 116 A Shot (Part One)

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After dark, everyone gathered at the ball hall to attend the masquerade dancing party.

Dressed in a long silver dress and wearing a sliver mask, Sophia looked like a demon in the dark sky. On the other side, Lucas was in black, just like the vampire of the West ancient castle.

He was constantly invited to dance with pretty girls, but Sophia politely refused each of them.

"How did you get through all these years? Wherever you go, there are bees and letitias buzzing around you. " She took a sip of the zero degree cocktail, moisturizing her throat, and extremely suspected that he was a God's prank, deliberately created him to tease women.

"Why didn't you show up earlier?" Lucas touched her delicate nose.

"If I had appeared earlier, I might have died." She pouted.

"What do you mean?" He raised his eyebrows and was a little dissatisfied with this title.

"I'm helping you cut the crap. I must be exhausted." As she said, she sighed on purpose, even longer than the end of her trance.

He couldn't help laughing and grabbed her to sit on his lap. "So you poisoned us to make us not interested in other women?"

"That's not enough." She put her hand on his shoulder and blinked her eyes mischievously. "I need to be more vicious. If you can't see, you'll be fine."

"You are the only one in my eyes." He put his lips on hers and kissed her.

"Really?" She raised her eyebrows and fluttered her thick eyelashes mischievously. "I'll play a game. I'll go through the crowd to see if you can find me." Before she finished her words, she jumped up from his legs and quickly disappeared in the dancing crowd.

He smiled, took a sip of champagne and walked into the crowd.

When Sophia had passed through the dance crowd and came to a dim corner, she was looking back to see if Lucas was chasing after her. And a figure rushed to her abruptly and spilled ice water on her dress.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you." The girl covered her mouth with hand and looked at Sophia in surprise.

"Nothing." Sophia waved her hand. She felt uncomfortable as the water was dripping. So she had to go upstairs to change her clothes.

She put on the clothes she wore in the da

king off the other's mask. It was a pale face without any color, like a dead person. Her eyes were red as if they were going to bleed.

Extreme horror almost made her lose the ability to resist. When she was about to be strangled, a heavy and fast footsteps came from the stairs. The person immediately loosened her hand and ran into darkness, which was swallowed in the night.

She collapsed to the ground, removed the mask, covered her neck, and coughed violently. She was grabbed by someone. "Caspar, why are you here?"

"Ghost. Ghost. Ghost wants to kill me..." She pointed to the direction where the ghost fled in a trembling voice. She had already lost her soul.

"Where is Sophia? Where is Sophia?" Lucas grabbed her shoulders. Bob also came. He ran towards the direction that Caspar was pointing at, but saw nothing.

"Ghost, ghost wants to kill me..." It seemed that Caspar didn't hear what Lucas said. He slapped on the face. "Where is Sophia? I'm asking you where she is." Lucas growled. His voice was so loud that it almost broke Caspar's eardrum. At that moment, Caspar finally woke up.

"I have locked her up in the room downstairs." She said tremblingly.

Suddenly, Bob pointed to the outside of the villa. A figure was running towards the beach, "there's someone there!"

When Lucas saw a red shadow, he frowned his eyebrows, "go and chase her. I'll go to find Sophia." After saying that, he added, "be careful, and take the gun!"

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