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   Chapter 115 Phantom In California (Part Four)

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She nodded with a smile, then returned to the venue.

She ran around the field as Caspar played to her. She instructed her brain not to think about the pains on her knees.

Although her ability was not as flexible as before, she played very fast.

She took a ball hard while Benjamin was the first to take action. Unfortunately, she fell down again, not because the sole of her feet was slipped, but because of the too much strength, her injured knees were numb. She tried to stand up, but a terrible pain came over her knees, and she couldn't help but fall back.

Standing up and about to walk forward, he saw her shaking her head. She was unyielding and unyielding, which made him stop.

He looked at her deeply. A puff of smoke quietly floated through his eyes. She tried several times and finally stood up. It was miraculously more fierce than before, as if she had suddenly obtained a mysterious force from somewhere. Because of the score, a sharp edge ball was sent out by Sophia before Caspar could rescue anybody. The ball flew off the border.

She won!

Admiration exploded in the middle of the court. Bob clapped his hands and laughed incredibly, "my sister-in-law is really a magical woman!"

"How can the woman I choose be wrong?" There was a smile hanging on the corner of Lucas's charming mouth. He ran over and held her horizontally. "We've had enough. It's time to go back." He ignored Caspar who was sluggish on the other side, and took her out of the court, ignoring the others.

"I win, Lucas!" Lying in his arms, she shook her head with pride, removing the stubborn corners of the disabled's mouth.

"Yes, you won. You have bony muscles innately." He looked at her with great love and pity.

Sitting on the beach chair, Sophia wa

sands of times better than you, tens of thousands of times. And he is very infatuated with my body. He doesn't have enough at night!" She purposely raised her voice to cover her lack of confidence. She knew very well that he had never touched her, even if she was naked in front of him, he was still indifferent.

"Really?" "I don't have anything else to tell you. There are so many good things in the world. Being too persistent is not good," she continued with a faint smile. After saying that, she put the crystal bead in Caspar's hand, turned around and limped out of the bamboo forest.

Looking at her back, Caspar still didn't feel relieved. Instead, she felt more jealous. She was still longing for Lucas, even just for one night, even if just once.

She walked forward and got out of the interlaced bamboo shadows.

A breeze blew through the bamboo forest, rustling, and the soft sound of bamboo reverberated in the forest, like the singing of night ghosts.

After they left one by one, a slender figure floated out of the shadow in the depths of the forest. Her blood red dress fluttered in the wind, like a ghost's claw stretching slowly towards the beach.

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