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   Chapter 113 Phantom In California (Part Two)

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"It's strange that bees would be attracted to Margaret in the place where they had been stung," she thought.

"Why is there bee on Margaret's body?" Lucas frowned and felt that it might not be a coincidence.

"After I cleaned Margaret up yesterday afternoon, I led her to the stable. I shouldn't have put the honey in it. Someone had applied it on purpose." The trainer was confused.

"Did you find anything unusual last night?" There was a shrewd look in Lucas's eyes.

"I heard the horse screaming last night." Sophia said.

"I got up and went there, but I found nothing." The trainer shrugged.

"From now on, you guys need to keep your eyes open and be more careful!" Lucas gave Sue an order to turn on the yellow alarm system. The security system in the manor was divided into three levels, blue, yellow and red. Normally, only blue, fire and anti-theft system could be turned on, yellow system was like a net, and even a fly would be discovered by the computer when it flew in, while red would directly attack and destroy the target.

In the evening, Lucas went to take a bath while Sophia lied on the bed and played games. When the phone rang, it was a new message alert. It was a skull with blood all over the screen, and the number was still strange, different from the last time.

She couldn't help shivering and suddenly realized that it was not a trick, but a threat and warning.

She jumped off the bed, and instinctively pulled open the curtain of the French window.

It was late at night. A full moon high in the sky cast a bitter white light on the ground, outlining the shadow of mountains, forests and buildings. This kind of obscure and gloomy feeling was creepy and crispy. The shadows outside the moon overlapped, forming a thick cloud of ink that couldn't be melted.

Suddenly, a slender figure appeared on the platform in the distance, fluttering slowly from the shadow to the bright place of the moonlight. Her blood red dress swayed in the wind, and the edge of the dress was long, dragging slowly on the ground as she moved. The whole face was covered by the black hair. It was hard to see the face. Maybe she had no face at all.

Sophia trembled, but the goose bumps kept climbing up from the

cousin, Bob Shen.

Since she had met him at the wedding, she was no longer unfamiliar with him. He was a mixed race and his mother was an American aristocrat with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Bob was a troublemaker. He liked fresh, excited and beautiful girls. As soon as he met them, he invited them to attend his sport.

Sophia, who always loved sports, thought that the game must be very interesting. Without waiting for the answer of Lucas, she blurted out, "OK." To be honest, Lucas didn't want to go to any kind of party. He wanted to spend more time with her alone. He didn't want to displease her by watching her nod repeatedly.

The party was on an island in Los Angeles, where there were all kinds of sport projects, such as basketball, surfing, motorcycle, beach watching, play violet

There were a lot of beautiful women who came to the party. The bikini on their bodies was more sexy, and the weapons in their chests were more and more burning.

Sophia found that Lucas was a giant energy magnet. Wherever he was, he could attract all the women around him.

They haven't steadied themselves yet. The beautiful women with black hair, yellow hair, yellow skin, white skin, black eyes, blue eyes and green eyes all greeted him repeatedly. She had to tell them in English one by one, "He is my husband! We're on our honeymoon!" She couldn't remember how many times she had said that. If she was right, all the beautiful women who came to the party must have said that.

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