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   Chapter 112 Phantom In California (Part One)

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Provence was one of her favorite places in the world. She had read a book called 'Come Back to Provence' since her childhood. The book had the beautiful scenery of the country, with which the people would enjoy a leisurely life and the delicious food, which she had always dreamed of.

This time, they were going to move into a beautiful manor. Inside the manor, there was a vast range of lavender fields, a grape garden with countless fruits, and a lawn with green grass. The housekeeper of the manor, Miss. Sue, was a mixed blooded person. She was about the same age as Rose, and she was also very serious and meticulous as Rose.

As soon as she saw the beautiful scenery in the manor, Sophia immediately abandoned the haze of sacred. She ran happily on the narrow path curled by the lavender field. The faint fragrance of the wind made her intoxicated. Lucas chased after her and then hugged her into the purple ocean.

"It's so beautiful, just like the book!" She pushed him away with a smile and rolled a few times in the flower field. Then she quickly got up and continued to run forward. "Hurry up, and come to chase me again. You can't catch me this time."

"If I catch you, you will be punished." He shook his head and laughed. Then a koi jumped out of the field and went after him.

Then he brought her to visit a grape garden and taste the wine Sue had brewed.

After lunch, they went to the horse race field to watch his horse race stars.

The rein was built in a col at the back of the manor, surrounded by rolling hills and a boundless forest.

There were ten horses in the garden, each of which was very expensive.

Lucas often took her to the horsemanship club, and she was really good at riding.

Sophia chose to be a British hot blooded horse called Margaret, and Lucas also chose one. At the end, they rode on the broad horse with fast speed.

At nightfall, Sophia led Margaret to the stable and touched her black hair. "I'll take you out tomorrow, and we'll defeat him."

Lucas looked at her with a smile. He took her hand and went to the hot spring together. They enjoyed the authentic French cuisine.

A good day passed quickly

his deep eyes. He gave her a faint smile. "I love you, Sophia. I'm glad to marry you! No matter what happens, I will never let go of your hand. I will live with you forever. We will die together! "

Tears blurred her eyes. Sophia wanted to give back a smile, but she couldn't, "Lucas, I love you too, so I want you to live!" She broke free from his grip with another hand.

"Sophia!" His roar came over her head. "If you tear this hand apart, I will let it go. If you die, I will never live alone!"

"Lucas..." She shook her head desperately.

The cracks on the tree were wider. Lucas looked calmer.

"Sophia, no matter if we go to heaven or go to hell, we'll still be a couple!"

"Lucas, if you love me, live for me." She shook her head hard. It was not worthwhile to die for her.

"Without you, I'm a walking dead now." He gave her a faint smile, as if he was going to kill her, "if you do fall off, I'll hold you tight and we won't separate!"

"Lucas..." Her chest was blocked tightly by bitterness, and now she couldn't say anything but kept shaking her head and crying.

Just then, the trainer and the butler came over and tossed the rope at them.

When they arrived at the flat ground, she hugged him tightly. She would never leave him for the rest of her life.

On the way back, she was curled up in his arms, gently surrounded by his solid iron arms. With him by her side, she was no longer afraid even if she died.

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