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   Chapter 105 Knock It Off! (Part Two)

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"Sister, I brought some juice for you."

"Thank you, Maggie. I'll take care of it. Enjoy yourself." As she spoke, she walked in front of the box and opened the lid. Suddenly, she trembled all over and froze. She stared at the box in horror, and her face turned pale.

"What's wrong, sis?"

"Stay back!" "Snake?" Snakes Snake! " Subconsciously, she hid behind Sophia. Although she was clear that it was Black Jack that had arranged it in advance, and in order to create a chance for her to save Sophia, she was still scared to see this snake with a bright smile and a deep red heart.

"Don't move, Maggie." She didn't want to scare the snake and launched an attack.

"Is it poisonous?" Although Black Jack said that it was a poisonous snake, she still wanted to confirm it. Just in case, she didn't want to die for her enemy.

However, Sophia didn't know. She only saw in the animal world. Anyone who encountered a snake was forbidden to move until it left.

If it went on like this, the dresser would have no chance to enter the dressing room. Magge took a deep breath and closed her eyes to make up her mind. She suddenly pushed away Sophia, and her huge action alerted the snake. As soon as the snake bit her leg, it quickly went back to the case

"Ah!" Hearing that, Maggie screamed painfully and fell to the ground. Hearing the sound outside, Lucas and Mary rushed in vigilantly.

"What happened?" Lucas held Sophia up.

"Snake! It ran behind the box!" Sophia pointed at the box.

"Sister, it hurts." Lying on the ground, Maggie held her legs. Not until then did she realize that Maggie was bitten by a snake.

A stream of black blood flowed out of Maggie's wound.

"Oh, no, this snake is poisonous." Shouted Mary.

"Quickly find a rope to tie her legs to prevent the venom from spreading." Lucas said in a low voice.

Mary nodded, took down a band from the clothes stand and tied it to the parts above the wound. "Take a knife and cut the wound. Give out the poison blood."

As soon as Mary finished saying that, she took out the dagger from her pocket and looked at Maggie. "It hurts a bit. Just bear it," she said.

Hannah was so scared that she pa

hing to Jay's ear, and he nodded to show his agreement.

That night, he sent the report to the periodical office.

The next day, the whole entertainment circle was in uproar again.

The camera was shooting in a primitive forest. The unique poisonous serpents of the North America came to pay a visit. Assistant was injured.

All sorts of speculation came out in a flash. Murder, competition, pranks were all replaced by detectives.

The shooting was pushed to the hottest topic again.

After reading the news, John paid a visit. Her arrival got Ellie back to her feet.

However, the first person that John cared about was still Sophia.

"Sophia, did you get hurt? Were you frightened?"

"I'm fine. Maggie saved me." She didn't expect that the hate to Maggie would disappear at this moment.

Ellie felt a little disappointed. She couldn't help but smile. Seeing this, Sophia patted John on the shoulder and said, "take good care of Ellie in these two days."

John nodded. A deep and indescribable look flashed through his eyes. He took the hand of Ellie, sat together on the chair and took out the fruit and snacks he brought to her. "Look, John is so considerate," said Sophia with a smile.

Ellie giggled with her head down.

Seeing this, Lucas was relieved. As long as this little sister was happy, it didn't matter who she was with.

In the evening, when the shooting was on, Lucas took two jars of beer and drank with John.

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