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   Chapter 97 Stupid (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-27 00:02

With an empty beer can in her hand, John was lying on the bed, thoroughly wasted. He looked very haggard, with thin face, messy hair, and thick stubble around his chin.

"If I don't let him drink, he will drink outside. I'm worried that he would get drunk and have an accident, so I have to let him drink at home." Mrs. Xu let out a sigh. If she had known that things would go like this, she would never have driven Sophia away.

"John!" Tears slowly rolled down from her eyes and dropped to the back of his hand.

He seemed to be disturbed, so he loosened the can in his hand and waved his hand in the air, as if he wanted to catch a shadow that flashed by.

"Sophia Don't leave Don't leave me... " The murmurs lingered around his lips, and his closed eyes were moist.

Sophia bit her lips and turned to Ellie. "You stay here to take care of him. I'll cook some hangover soup for him."

At this moment, Ellie had mixed feelings. She was shocked by the great affection of John, and she was also desperate.

She put her hand on his cheek, and moved slowly to the wet place. Tears ran down her cheek. "John, I am here for you!"

Sophia took Mrs. Xu's hand and they went into the kitchen together.

"Sophia, who is that girl?" Looking at her reaction to her son just now, Mrs. Xu's eyes were full of puzzlement.

"Aunt, what do you think of her?" Sophia smiled slightly.

"She is pretty. Is she your friend?"

"She is Ellie Mo, Lucas' cousin. She Loves John. " Sophia lowered her voice.

"Do you mean to make a match between her and John?" Mrs. Xu was shocked.

"If you are satisfied with her." Sophia smiled.

"She is beautiful and from a rich family. I'm satisfied with her." Mrs. Xu waved her hand and said, "no, it's John. All he cares about now is you."

"Auntie, John is always obedient to you. Please do your best to help her." As she spoke, Sophia made tea.

"He is mad at me because I beat up the couple and ruined your relationship. He will not listen to me," Mrs. Xu let out a sigh and said, "Sophia, it was all my fault. You suffered a lot. You are a good girl. It's our fault."



"Sophia, is that you?" He murmured with a bitter smile, "I dreamed of you again. You won't come. I really lost you and can't find you again."

Sophia took an ice pack from the fridge and put it on his forehead, waking him up completely. "John, you are my best friend. How could I not come to see you?"

John sat up suddenly and opened his big eyes to stare at her. Then he smiled, but when he looked at another person, the smile froze immediately.

"Why are you here? Haven't we made everything clear?"

His expression and tone really pushed Ellie into the abyss, "John..." She bit her lips and almost burst into tears.

"Ellie came to see you out of kindness. Be kind to her, okay?" Sophia stared at him..

John stared at her with a hint of resentment in his eyes, "if you abandon me, you will just give me to others as a rubbish?"

"John, we will come again another day if you are still drunk." With a sigh, Sophia held Ellie's hand and was about to leave. John jumped off the bed and ran to her like a tornado. He held her from behind and said, "don't go, Sophia. It's all my fault. Don't go!" A drop of tear fell down from the corner of his eye and fell into her palm.

Her heart twisted, but looking at the jealousy in the eyes next to her, she had to release his hand. "John, let's go out for a walk, okay?"

The three of them came to the lake of the park in the middle of the street.

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