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   Chapter 96 Stupid (Part One)

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"Lucas." She pulled him to sit beside her and explained, "it's a mistake. I'm just accompanying my friend."

"So, you are not pregnant?" He was a little shocked by her words.

She nodded.

He breathed a sigh of relief and lay down on the back of the sofa. The profound expression on his face was hard to tell whether he was relieved or disappointed. She stretched out her index finger and slowly stroke his face. "If you like children, we will not be guarded after the wedding."

He put on a smile and held her slender waist, "aren't you afraid of pain and don't want to have a baby?"

"It's my bad luck to be a woman." She gave him a blaming look. Lucas laughed and lowered his head. He gently kissed her on the cheek and said, "never mind. Since you don't have a boyfriend now, we can enjoy the time when we are only together for a few years."

She rested her head on his chest, secretly relieved. To be honest, she really didn't want to have a baby, worrying that she couldn't be a good mother. She raised her hand and scratched his chest unconsciously. Then she thoughtfully kept silent for a while and asked, "Lucas, do you have sex with other woman?"

Although he said in a light voice, it really made him choke violently. He covered his mouth and coughed for a long time before he could catch his breath. He stared at her fiercely, as if he were a monster who was looking at a spark in his eyes. "Woman, don't always get angry with me!"

"No one wants to settle accounts with you, I just ask casually, do you have it or not?" She wouldn't let him go.

"No, I'm not!" He answered straightforwardly and frankly. He had always been guarded, and after that, those women must be drugged in front of him.

"Really?" She looked down and seemed a little disappointed.

He was speechless and mad at the same time, "what's that supposed to mean? Do you still want me to go mad?"

"No, it's not." She shook her head and said, "I just want to ask you what would you do if such an accident happened?"

"Take it off!" These two words sounded cold and ruthless.

"No way. It's your child!" Her heart skipped a

ck her tongue out and wondered if Sophia wanted to leave this world.

"She has means. Your cousin is so obsessed with her that he won't believe what others say!"

"Maggie, she is your sister." Ellie glanced at her with a profound look. She could see that Maggie and Sophia didn't get along well with each other. And she also knew that it was because of her cousin that the two sisters fell in love with a man at the same time. God was really good at disciplining. Although Sophia did conceal her relationship with John, Ellie still wanted to confirm it in person. She didn't want to judge by a few words of Maggie.

After Maggie left, Ellie called Sophia, hoping that she could go to find John with her.

To be honest, Sophia felt awkward, being stuck in the middle like the ham in a sandwich. But she couldn't refuse Ellie, so she had to come over.

In these days, John had been out of spirits and thoroughly defeated. He lived on alcohol every day, like a soulless walking corpse.

Mrs. Xu, who didn't like Sophia at all, took a different attitude towards her this time. When she saw Sophia, she felt like seeing the savior.

"Good girl, finally you are here. Will you please persuade Viola for me? How can he always be like this?"

"What's wrong with John?" Sophia felt her heart sink.

Mrs. Xu led them into the room where there was a strong smell of alcohol, beer cans scattered on the carpet.

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