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   Chapter 94 I'm Pregnant (Part Three)

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Hearing this, Jacob and Anna looked at each other, smiled and stopped asking. Ellie had always been obedient, and she would never hide anything from them. Unlike their son had been rebellious since he was a little boy. He always made decisions without asking them.

After chatting for a while, the atmosphere became less serious. The steward came, and the dinner was ready. He also prepared the soup for Ellie and Sophia.

The grand house was grand. Even the kitchen was spacious and magnificent, just like the imperial palace. That was really a gasp of amazement for Sophia.

After the servant served the sweet water to Ellie and Lola, Ellie took a sip in a hurry. Suddenly, she covered her mouth with a napkin and began to retch.

"What's wrong? You don't like the food?" Patting on her back, Anna quickly asked the servant to bring her some water.

"Fishy!" Ellie caressed her chest and rinsed her mouth with water.

Sophia tasted it and felt good.

"No smell. Ellie, what's wrong with your stomach?"

Ellie put on a long face and said, "I think she ate too much plum blossom last night, which made my stomach wrong."

"Ellie, I remember that you always fear sour food. Why do you suddenly eat preserved plum?" Anna got a bowl of soup for Ellie and wanted to warm her stomach.

"It was bought by my friend. I ate one and thought it was delicious, so I bought a few more bags." With a pout, Ellie engrossed herself in drinking the soup.

Then the servants began to put the dishes on the table one after another. They ate quietly and didn't even hear the sound of chopsticks colliding with the silver bowl. This was probably one of the family rules. They didn't talk while eating. She was careful enough not to be punished by Anna.

After dinner, they began to talk about the wedding. Anna hoped to hold the wedding in the United States, while Jacob thought that it was more suitable to have a wedding in the home country, so they had a small dispute. After the silent and calm wait for the

eans you are not pregnant."

"It hasn't been here for two months. My stomach hurt a little just now. I thought it would come here soon." Ellie picked up the pillow, buried her head in it and groaned for a long time, "it's only once, isn't it so sorcery?"

With Sophia's mouth wide open in horror, Ellie seemed to have been hit!

"I'll take you to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow. If you are really pregnant, we'll find another way." She swallowed.

"Don't tell anyone about this, especially my brother."

"Yes, yes, we'll keep it a secret." Sophia sighed.

The next morning, Ellie reached the hospital. She wore a peaked cap, a toad mirror with a big mask and covered the lower half of her face tightly. Sophia almost recognized her.

"Why do you behave like a thief?"

"I'm a public figure. A lot of paparazzi are waiting to dig out romantic news. I'm doomed to be seen by them." Ellie said while looking around.

"Don't worry. I have made an appointment with a doctor for you. You can have a look at him by yourself," She took Ellie's hand.

She immediately realized that Ellie had put Sophia's name on the invitation card just in case.

The result came out quickly.

Ellie won the lottery.

She pouted and wanted to cry, but was covered by Sophia. "Don't cry. We'll talk about it later when we get home."

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