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   Chapter 90 Question (Part Three)

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After a few seconds of silence, cracking sounds were heard.

"Mr. Lucas, what do you think?" The photographer handed over the camera.

Lucas rolled his eyes and said, "of course not. Take another picture."

After a few seconds of silence, cracking sounds were heard.

After going back and forth for ten times, the girl broke down completely. She touched her little face which was stiff with laughter.

'I've never seen such a nitpicking guy."

"Please, this is a registration photo, not an art photo. It's enough. And the people at the registry desk are about to get off work."

"Don't worry, honey." the man whispered in her ear, "I have given each of them a big red envelope. They won't get off work unless we check in."

A woman screamed.

"We will take good wedding photos in the future."

"Honey, I'm going to keep this book in mind for generations, so we must keep a good image!" The man said seriously.

The woman got stunned. In order to have a good rest with her pitiful face and muscles, she had to obey him obediently.

…… The twenty second time.

"Okay, smile!" The photographer was never tired of taking photos. His dedicated spirit was admirable by a female.

This time, the man looked at the camera and finally showed a satisfied smile.

Then they continued to write the forms by hand.

A woman stared at the application form, with her index finger in the air. It seemed that she had been pressed on the temporary button, and she did not move for a long time.

That man frowned and grabbed her finger. "Crack!" he pressed the button. But it was too late for that woman to come to herself out of fear.

"This is your marriage certificate." The staff beamed and handed over the two marriage certificates to Lucas.

The man put away his hand with satisfaction and held the woman's hand.

"Let's go, honey."

On the way back, a woman curled up in her seat in a daze, unable to accept the sudden change. She felt as if all kinds of fe

hinese and Western styles. I believe that your arms will be able to move freely in less than a year."

"Dr. Tom, Dr. Chen and Dr. Johnny, thank you so much!" Now she felt joyful as the sunset disappeared.

Seeing that his daughter had found her happiness, Mandy cried with excitement.

After leaving the hospital, Sophia was able to slowly lift her arm. She personally made a glass of juice and sent it to Lucas.

The study was not completely closed, with a slight gap open.

Lucas was video chatting with Jerry.

"My men reported that they met a man called Tim Xu a few days before the kidnap."

"Who is Tim?"

"A usury lenders. But he is acquainted with a woman."


"Maggie's mother, Sandra,"

"So, is it possible that it's Sandra who told him to kidnap Sophia?"

"At present, I haven't found any relevant clues."

"Keep an eye on them."

Outside the door, Sophia's hand trembled in fear. Though she didn't have any evidence, her intuition told her that it must have something to do with Maggie and Sophia.

"I will never hurt others. But I will never allow anyone to hurt me." She thought to herself!

She left quietly and gave the orange juice to him when he came out.

"Lucas, I've been in a good rest for so many days. My arm is getting better. I want to go back to work."

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