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   Chapter 89 Question (Part Two)

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The next day, before the sun rose, they packed their things and left. They did a six hour car. They made many turns before they arrived at the city where the train station was.

"Sophia, you stay here and wait for me. I need to go to the bathroom first," Mandy put the bag beside her daughter.

Looking at the watch, she wished she could fly to him. But her mother made trouble and it took much longer time to go to the bathroom than she expected. She was so agitated that she was about to have the bill checked.

Suddenly, two tall and strong men in black stood in front of her.

"Miss. Sophia, long time no see!"

"You two..." A sudden shudder swept over her. The memory of them was still fresh in her memory. The first time she met Lucas, she was once forced to get into a car by them.

"Where is Lucas? How is he? Is he awake?" She greeted him without any hesitation and asked about him anxiously.

"You will know when you go out with us."

There was a black extended Rolls Royce outside the station. Although there were many cars, Sophia remembered clearly the one that she was pushed in when they met for the first time.

But she was not the one she had been thinking about and worrying about since she got off the car.

Her short silver hair and purple eyes looked stern and coquettish. It was Jerry.

"Finally, I found you. You are good at hiding!" He smiled. As soon as the message of her booking was sent on the Internet, Jerry quickly searched it, and then he didn't even need to hurry over as soon as possible.

"How is Lucas? Jerry, tell me!" Sophia was burning with anxiety.

Jerry pursed his lips and showed a painful expression. "I'm here to take you back to see him for the last time!"

"What did you say?" Weakly lying on the sofa chair as if her strength had been drained out. She started to tremble all over, so that the sofa chair was even fluttering. "No, you're lying. You're lying to me. You're lying. Lucas will be fine. He's so great. How could anything happen to him?"

"No matter how strong he is, he is still a human being. After you left, he drank a lot to help him forget those bad

"I want my wife, not a cook, assistant or maid. You don't need to help me or do anything. Just be happy every day."

"What if you regret in the future? I don't want to be abandoned and I don't want to be a grumbling rich woman." Fear and fear crawled across her face, just like a reindeer trapped at a trap waiting to be preyed.

"You don't have to worry about it at all. I never do things that will regret."

"But, but..." She still wanted to find another excuse. A finger lightly touched her mouth, stopping the tip of her tongue from speaking. Her lips were trembling slightly, and the originally light color of her lips became terrible in the flurry. Suddenly, he kissed her until her body became limp. As he relaxed his vigilance, he took the opportunity to open her arms, lifted her horizontally and pulled out of the car door.

"No, I haven't brought my household register." She was almost screaming.

"Mom has given me about it." Lucas snickered.

As if a cornered lamb, she was totally paralyzed, huddled in his arms and stopped moving.

After entering, the first thing she saw was to take photos. The man had even brought an imperial photographer with him. It could be seen how long he had planned this!

"Honey, remember to smile. If you can't smile, just ask for eggplant!" The man grinned wickedly.

She glared at him. Then a woman opened her mouth and the photographer hurried to take photos.

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