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   Chapter 87 I Can't Be Your Bride

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"Sophia --" as if he was hit by a thunderbolt, his whole body was convulsed violently, and he rushed out like a madman.

The first one he wanted to see was Evan. When he arrived at the apartment, the one who opened the door was a stranger. Apparently, she had already sold the apartment to him.

She had planned to leave a long time ago. No wonder she was so weird these days that she had to often show her souvenirs. He was too careless to notice it. He thumped his head in great regret.

Then he went to see Jay. Jay was more surprised than him. If they went to John, he would be the person who knew Sophia best. Perhaps he would know where she would go.

After Sophia's engagement, John had been drinking away his sorrows and depressed. Fortunately, he had just woken up when they came.

Hearing that, John was so angry that he grabbed Lucas by the collar. "Did you bully her? I have warned you, if you dare to bully her, I will not spare you! "

"I'm not here to fight with you. Did Sophia come to see you?"

"If she comes, can I let her go?" "Her arm hasn't recovered yet. Where can she and her mom go?" John asked worriedly, scratching his head.

Leaning against the wall in extreme pain, Lucas was burning with anxiety and worry. Kai had called him back, but he couldn't find any information about her trip. Presumably she deliberately chose a bus to avoid being found out by him.

"Where is her hometown?" It suddenly occurred to him that Rose said that she would go back to her hometown to attend her cousin's wedding.

"She is from Q City. She doesn't have any hometown." John shook his head.

At this time, a new email popped up.

As soon as the page was opened, it turned out to be Sophia.

"Lucas, when you read this email, I had already left Q City. I'm sorry that I can't be your bride anymore. Thank you for entering my world and giving me happiness, happiness and satisfaction. Forget the broken me now, and keep my best time in my memory. Don't look for me. Find a woman more suitable for you. Just treat me as a passer-by in your life! "

"Sophia!" Sitting on the ground, Lucas felt his heart was broken into pieces. All those beautiful dreams and the happy world were shattered at this moment.

Jay patted his shoulder, "if I guessed it right, her arm didn't recover. She was afraid of being your burden, so she chose to leave."

"I knew you would harm Sophia. I guess you were the reason why she was kidnapped." "John, calm down. It's useless to blame him now. The most important thing is to find her as soon as possible. She is out of town with her mom now. How will she live a strange life?"

"John, does she have any relative who is out of town?" Lucas was suddenly anxious.

After pausing for a while, John replied, "she has a cousin called Maria. One year ago, she went to France. And I heard that there is her aunt who is doing business in Z City."

Upon hearing this, Lucas rushed out like an arrow. He wanted to rush to Z City in a hurry.

Perhaps, the greater the hope, the bigger the disappointment.

Lucas and his men searched everywhere in the fragrance. They finally found Mandy's sister, but to their disappointment,

"You are making more troubles!" Jacob sat down beside her and said, "you shouldn't have done this to her before. You'd better leave everything to us now. And Lucas can do whatever he wants."

"What do you mean?" She rolled her eyes at him with displeasure.

"The engagement party has already been held. Everyone in the country knows that they are going to get married. Now that Miss Sophia's arm can't be cured, you can drive her away. What will the other people think of Mo family and Lucas? And now these journalists are fond of digging the gossips of the rich. Then they will exaggerate the truth, and we will become ruthless. " Jacob gave her a thorough analysis.

Although she thought that his words were reasonable, she still felt very uncomfortable. She said, "I only have one son, but it is not necessary for me to see him marry a disabled woman!"

"I think he just needs to be gentle for a while. And as time goes on, there will be more conflicts and he will be tired of it. At this time, it's impossible for you to separate them."

She cast a glance at her husband and said nothing.

At that time, he had returned to Bluewater Villa. He had already had someone get a contact information of Maria, and was trying to contact her. Sophia was not as far away as to France, but she might have contacted Maria.

A week later, Maria finally replied to her e-mail. The last time she chat with her was on the night of her engagement ceremony. After that, she was busy with her fashion show and had no time to contact her.

The clue was paused again and again, Lucas was almost driven crazy.

These days, he couldn't eat or sleep. He was as anxious. The members of Blood Organization had all been used, using the Internet, Weibo and media. However, as if the world had evaporated, there was still no news.

He lay on the carpet, staring blankly at the ceiling, bending over him in silence. There was a loss in his big watery eyes. And he might be sad for her leaving.

Since she entered their world, she had become an indispensable part of it.

Where the hell are you? Please don't torture me anymore!

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