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   Chapter 80 A Kidnap

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The more Maggie thought about it, the more suspicious she felt it was Sophia.

If there was a ghost in one's heart, every one looked like a ghost!

Seeing that the engagement ceremony was approaching, she was like an ant on a hot pan.

"Mom, please help me find a way to get that bastard not to be Lucas' wife."

"I've made up my mind. This time, I will give you a big gift for the bastard!" A hint of ferocity flashed across her face.

"Mom, we were lucky last time. But we can't always be like this. Ask Alan to handle this. Even if something happens, he will also take full responsibility. He won't give us away." In fact, Maggie was afraid of Lucas. She was still afraid of what had happened to Wendy and Helen.

"I found him this time. Don't worry. He will do everything for your happiness." Said Sandra with a sinister smile.

She had been preparing for the engagement ceremony these days.

The engagement dress tailored by a famous French designer had been sent back from Paris by someone.

"Give it a try." Lucas looked at her gently.

She smiled gently and went upstairs.

When she slowly came down, his eyes froze. She was as beautiful as an angel, but the expression on her face was somewhat peculiar. There was no expectation and excitement as he had expected. Her big black eyes were a little frightening and fearful.

Indeed, the thought of getting married and becoming a woman made her nervous. She was afraid of stepping into that remote city and repeating the tragedy of her mother. However, he was too excellent and capricious, which made her lack of a sense of security.

She wanted to marry John regardless of everything, because he was born in the same delivery room and in the same year with her. It had not only given her courage, but also gave her a strong sense of security with her profound understanding of John. However, when this dreamy soap bubble was broken up, she began to suffer from her premarital phobia.

So far, she still felt that she didn't know enough about Lucas. Such lack of unde


In order to ease her nervous feelings, she had already cured her fears of getting married before the engagement ceremony. In the next few days, she asked Mary to go shopping with her to relax herself.

One day, they went to a shopping mall until the mall was closed.

When they came out, the street was almost sparsely populated. As soon as she and Mary were about to go to the tea house opposite to the restaurant for midnight snack, a man suddenly appeared. Without paying attention, he snatched the bag from Sophia's hand and ran into the dark alley.

"Stop --" Mary ran after putting down the things in her hands.

"Be careful! If you can't catch up with him, we will call the police!" Gangsters are extremely vicious! Sophia shouted behind.

She went to the sidewalk with what she had bought and waited.

A car was speeding over from an intersection.

A violent brake broke the silence of the night. Two men jumped out of the car and dragged her into the car.

After a moment of panic, she forced herself to calm down. This was not a strange scene!

Both of the two men were covering their faces with their socks. One was in charge of driving, and the other was looking at her beside.

"Behave yourself. I don't want to kill you!" The man threatened, waving a cold dagger in his hand.

She jumped up sharply and pounced on the man

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