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   Chapter 77 I Am Your Sister's Husband!

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This time, he wanted to cry, which was challenging his patience.

"Do you believe that I will take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau if you go on walking?"

"It's weekend. They don't need to work." She looked at him seriously.

Well, it's enough. I don't need to tolerate it anymore!

He lowered his head and gagged her lips with his. Anyway, the end of the world would not be changed his mind.

All friends will present at the makeup ball in the evening in advance. They have imperial hairdressers and makeup artists to dress them up after drawing lots.

Maggie had come alone.

Her eyes fell on Lucas. Her love for her was even deeper than the Coral Sea in the South Pacific Ocean. Her love for her was overflowing in an instant. Unfortunately, Lucas didn't even lift his eyelids. He concentrated on fondling Sophia's small hand which was not as smooth as usual. With a rare expression as if the blue and white porcelain belonged to the royal family was held in his hand.

Ellie and John were the last two to come in.

Seeing John, Sophia was shocked. She didn't expect that he would come here, not to mention that he would come with Ellie.

Have they already started dating?

"Happy birthday, Sophia. Do you mind if I come without invitation?" There was a hint of bitterness in his voice. He didn't expect that Ellie would find him. At first, he thought that she just came to pester him so he was against her. But when he heard that she would go to Sophia's birthday party, he agreed without hesitation.

"You are the one I want to invite most, but I am afraid that you are not willing to come!" Sophia smiled.

Lucas looked at Ellie with some helplessness in his heart. Needless to guess, it must be her who took the initiative to find John. For her, it was not difficult to find a person in Q City.

When all her friends arrived, the hall became quiet. Excitement and nervousness were written all over her well-dressed face as she waited for the draw.

"Who plays first?" Ellie asked.

They looked at each other, itching to have a try, but neither of them moved, as if they were doing a kind of polite modesty.

Maggie was staring at her. Seeing that So

ce water from head to foot. From a distance, she looked at the happy face of Sophia. The more desperate and hateful she was, the more she wished she could tear the flesh Sophia piece by piece and chew it.

She drank a few glasses of champagne, ready to be drunk.

After putting down the glass, she clenched her teeth and walked towards the crowd unconsciously. All of a sudden, she stumbled forward as if she had been tripped hard. Fortunately, a table blocked her way and she did not fall down. When she looked down, she only found that she stepped on the hemline of her skirt. "Damn it!" She cursed and looked around. When she found no one noticed her, she pretended to be calm and took a few steps forward.

The sound of crunching came to her ears, as if something had been stripped. She ignored it and passed the man beside her drunkenly and continued to walk forward.

"Oh! My God! Maggie, your dress!" Someone nearby screamed with his mouth covered. Only then did she feel the coolness of her body. She lowered her head and immediately fell into a shock. She was so terrified that she couldn't move at all.

The dreamlike beautiful dress she was wearing now had been taken off and scattered on the ground.

Just at this moment, the music stopped suddenly, and the surrounding light dimmed, and a circle of bright light protected her undisguised, as if someone was joking, and she had a close-up for her, making her the focus of the crowd.

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