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   Chapter 71 I Will Never Love You Again

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After coming back, she immediately contacted the most authoritative doctor of psychology in K Country.

Afraid that John might refuse, she said that she would meet a friend in a coffee shop.

But after a half meeting, John was alert. "You are a psychologist, aren't you? I have nothing to talk to you. "

Seeing that John's face gradually darkened, Sophia sighed helplessly in her heart, "John, don't be like this, OK?" Her tone was almost imploring.

"Do you also think that I did it on purpose? Or did I just pretend to be ignorant?" His voice trembled with excitement.

"Mr. John, camouflage and mental disease are two different concepts. I just want to help you with the psychological barriers." The doctor of psychology said slowly.

"I'm fine. I'm fine and have no mental disease. I want my eyes to function as well. But I can't see anything. Maybe I'm going to be blind all my life." Finishing her words, John stood up, using the blind rod to go out.

Sophia hastily followed up, leaving Mary to treat doctor. She was a little upset and perplexed, wondering why John refused to receive treatment. Sometimes, she even felt that he never wanted her to recover to his sight from the bottom of his heart. "

When she returned to the Bluewater Villa, she felt exhausted and lay on the sofa for a long time, not willing to move.

Lucas poured her a glass of fresh juice, sat beside her, and put his legs as her pillow.

"Lucas, I'm so worried about John. If he continues to be like this, his eyes will not be fine."

"Maybe he didn't want his eyes to recover at all." He caressed her hair.

"Why? It's so painful!" She frowned.

"For you." His tone was very light but very powerful.

"For me?" She was shocked.

"He wants you to stay with him all the time. If his eyes recover, you won't go to see him every day like now." He lifted a wisp of hair from her forehead and touched her smooth forehead unconsciously.

She w

and said, "I think you love her more than Lucas does. She is just captivated by him and temporarily disappoint you. I hope you can be my brother-in-law. It's good to you, to me, to her, to the three of us."

"Do you really think so?" Asked John, his eyes full of doubts.

"Of course." She nodded. "In fact, my real plan is this. I want you to take Sophia to the night club, and you make her closer to you on purpose. I'll take a few more pictures and send them to Lucas secretly to make him misunderstand and quarrel with her. Then you'll be horsepower and get her back."

"Does it work?" John raised her eyebrows.

"The most important thing between a man and a woman is trust. If Lucas doesn't trust her at all, what's the meaning of their marriage?"

After thinking about it for a while, John nodded, "Okay, I will do as you say. But, don't play tricks."

"How come?" Hearing that, Maggie wore a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. "As far as I know, Sophia is my elder sister, my elder sister!"

John left with assurance. Looking at his back, she laughed. Her creepy laughter floated in the night, like a ghost's sadly song. If he didn't want to do that, she would let he do it. As long as the plan succeeded, Sophia would be a dirty woman. Then Sophia was totally destroyed.

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