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   Chapter 69 If He Dares To Bully You, I Will Fight With Him Hard

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"We are different mothers. My mother was born in a rich family. She always paid much attention to my education. She told me that I should be kind-hearted since I was a child. Even if I am in a good life, I can't forget what had happened to me and those who need help." Maggie emphasized Sophia was "bitch" as she showed her arrogance.

However, this performance was another kind of comparison in the eyes of Lucas.

"Does your mother also tell you that you should only love someone outside instead of your sister?" His tone was full of irony.

Hearing that, Maggie was a bit embarrassed for a moment. She believed that Sophia must have said a lot of bad things about her in front of Lucas, so that Lucas had a very bad impression of her. Thinking of that, he said in a cold tone, "I want to take her as my elder sister in my heart, but the grudge between the seniors is too deep. I can't betray my mother and be an unfilial daughter." She explained.

"So, you need to provide more charity since you haven't done enough for your family." With these words, he walked past her.

Maggie was abandoned again.

What the hell is this construction of this man? Is he a man living in the earth?

In her mind, every man was usually very affectionate? Which man doesn't like to have an affair? Every man is greedy for one thing and the other is greedy for another. Maggie thought.

She tried her best to get all the things at the highest rank, even the outer part needed. Maggie almost stood in front of him naked, but he didn't move?

He couldn't impossibly love Sophia, could he?

She didn't believe it, absolutely not!

She must spare no efforts to find a crack in this egg, to make it thoroughly and to get it for herself!

After she returned home, she immediately used QQ to ask her members to join her.

At that time, Sophia was taking a walk in a park by the side of the street with John.

"Sophia. Are there many stars in the sky?"

"Yes, many stars are here." She smiled leisurely. The night was dark. Suddenly, a bright light flashed across the sky. She screamed excitedly, "ah, meteor!"

"Then make your wishes quickly!" He stopped and waited for her to make a wish. He remembered that

rd Lucas said was showing his sovereignty. Anger surged in John's mind. If he hadn't been blind, he would have rushed to Lucas without hesitation to have a duel with him.

"Anything could happen in the world and all the cowherd might fly away. By then you can get nothing from the basket in other people's hands."

"If you can't see, how can you compete with me?" He asked bluntly.

"Lucas..." Sophia shook her head at Lucas. Their tense relationship left her in a dilemma. However, as a patient, she had to prevent Lucas first. But before she finished her words, when she saw Lucas winking at her, she understood what he meant. So she cooperated. "John, if you don't cure your eyes now, I may really not be able to take care of you often in the future."

"I think you have already been annoyed by me. You are not the Sophia I know at all." John shook off her hands, stood up, and went forward with a pester. When he heard that no footsteps came up, he felt very disappointed and annoyed. As a result, he kicked the small stones on the road with mighty strength, and his action was always so precise. A touch of confusion and light floated from Lucas' eyes.

Sophia, who was standing behind, sighed helplessly and quickly caught up with him, "you misunderstood. I didn't mean that. I just want to say that you'd better get better soon. Who will help me when he bullies me later?"

Hearing this, John stopped. "If he dares to bully you, I will fight him to death!"

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