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   Chapter 67 No Entry At Home

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Two days later, Sophia went to MH Real Estate Company.

Sitting in a separate office with a view of the sea, Sophia was so excited. She decided to work hard.

However, before she could take a seat, many business plans and financial statements piled up on the mountain.

She was so busy the whole day that she didn't even have time to check on John. In the end, she had no choice but to call him to ask for leave. She coaxed him to eat well and sleep well.

From the video, John could tell that Sophia was really busy in her office, instead of fooling around with Lucas. Thus, he couldn't find an excuse to make a fuss about it.

The next day, Lucas called and said that an agent of a real estate agent would invite her to have dinner together.

The promotion plan in CBD was sold together with a powerful agent. All the real estate agent of Q City real estate wanted to seize this fat meat and scrambled to visit.

However, who was the agent so honored to have the boss of the headquarters come to the meeting? She really wanted to have a meeting.

The dinner was set at the most expensive seafood restaurant in Q City. It seemed that he had spent a lot of money.

When she pushed open the VIP room's door, she saw Lola's smiling face. Instantly, Sophia's face became cold. She really wanted to beat Lucas up.

"Mr. Lucas, Mrs. Mo, it's my great honor to have you here!"

"You're welcome, Mr. Sam. we have no outsider here. It's just a casual meal, no need to be restrained." Lucas smiled.

"Yes, yes." Sam smiled so happily that his eyes narrowed into two thin lines.

After sitting down, she put her hand under the table and pinched Lucas' leg hard.

Without making any sound, Lucas turned around and looked at her, with a secret light flashing in his eyes.

The waiter began to serve the dishes. There were fish abalone from Australia, big groupers from North Sea, shells of warrah and sea cucumbers

"Mr. Sam is so generous." Sophia said, her eyes filled with lust There was a hint of

"What intention?" He said with a weird smile.

"Are you trying to make him know who his daughter is?" She said coldly.

As expected, his woman was very smart and promising. He asked her to be in the CBD. It was inevitable that she would not have any contact with Sam. After a deeper understanding, she might be able to slowly remove the knot in her heart, because kinship could not be kept.

"Sophia." He took her hand and said, "anyway, he is your father. Give him a chance to compensate, and give you a chance to forgive yourself."

"I've told you that my father was dead because of thunder. Don't you understand? If you keep doing this, don't blame me for being rude to you! " Rachel shouted angrily. He was officious!

He sighed. Seeing that she was so excited, he didn't want to make things worse, so he had to wait until she calmed down.

On the other hand, after Sam went back home, he took advantage of the time when Sandra was playing mahjong outside and did not come back, so he called over Maggie. He seriously suspected that Maggie had met his daughter who had been abandoned by him.

"Dad, Sophia is not your daughter. If you dare to let her come in, mom and I won't forgive you," Maggie snapped.

When he heard this, he slumped into the sofa like a pile of soft mud. Why didn't he think that her surname was Ye?

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