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   Chapter 66 Being Promoted To Executive Director

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The words stabbed right into John's heart. He was about to lose everything. He couldn't stand still and do nothing.

"What can you do?" He glanced at her disdainfully.

"You will know now." "I heard that you're going to have the surgery the day after tomorrow?"

"When my eyes recover, I will be able to compete with Lucas." Said John, gritting her teeth.

"No, no, no!" "If your eyes wake up, there's no way you can get out of here."

"How could a blind man fight against him?" John tried to open his eyes.

"Think about it. If your eyes get better, her gratitude and guilt to you will disappear, and she can go back to Lucas without any qualms of conscience. What else do you want to play?" Hearing that, Maggie stood up and walked back and forth.

"I will never be blind! I have to get my eyes well. Otherwise, I can only be a burden to her. How can I take care of her and protect her? " He had had enough of these days, blind or short-lived.

"I don't mean to make you blind." Maggie whispered in his ear. Then she smiled wickedly and said, "if you do as I say, I'm sure that Sophia won't be able to leave you. By that time, you provoke them again, and she and Lucas will be done."

John didn't say anything, but in his heart he agreed with Maggie's plan.

Soon after Maggie left, Sophia came.

"Did you have fun on the weekend?" John asked sourly.

"Not bad," "Can you guess who I bumped into?" She shrugged.



"Is that the guy who made you drop out of school?"

"Yes, so many years have passed, but I didn't expect that she still hates me!" She sighed.

"You fought again?" John was shocked.

"No, I didn't. Do you think I am still as impulsive as I was in my childhood?" She rolled her eyes at him and picked up a pear to peel.

"That's good." He breathed a sigh of relief and changed the topic. "How are you and Lucas going now?"

"John, you misunderstood what happened to the X Group. All those things were done by his subordinate and had nothing to do with him. And the mysterious businessman who invested 200 million dollars in the X Group was actually Luca

odded like a chicken pecking rice.

"Don't promise me so soon. You can see it first." He handed a pile of documents on the table to her.

She opened it and was startled, "bri

"This is the new armored high-grade office building that has been newly developed by MH Real Estate Company. I want you to be the executive director of the company." Lucas said slowly.

"Executive director?" She was shocked. This position was not low!

"Are you confident?" He looked at her, with his eyes flickering.

"No," she replied honestly in her heart! But after she spoke out, she began to be polite, "I have never engaged in real estate industry, why do you suddenly give me such a big title? I'm afraid it's difficult to convince the public."

"Aren't you always studying real estate development and business?" He smiled.

"How do you know?" She was stunned. This guy really had magic power! She was indeed determined to invest in the real estate industry, in order to defeat Sam who had abandoned her and her mother.

"You are my wife. Of course I should pay attention to your affairs." He threw up his hands and said, "now we can just test what you have learned."

"Practice is different from reality. There is a huge difference between theory and practice." She pouted.

"Don't worry. I will teach you." He reassured her.

She believed that she could trust Lucas as long as he taught her by himself?

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