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   Chapter 65 Cooperate

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Hearing this, Sophia quivered slightly and did not answer. She was shocked and unexpected. She never thought that Maggie would take advantage of the family relationship as the shield.

"Maggie, are you Sophia's sister?" Ellie exclaimed, her mouth agape.

"I just learned recently that we have the same father but a different mother, so I will never hurt my sister. That's why she tried to ruin my relationship with Molly so as to give her a hard blow once again," she added

"Don't talk nonsense. I don't even know that Sophia is your sister. You told me that you were colleagues and she often bullied you. You really hate her!" Helen cried hysterically.

"Alright, now that you said it was her idea, do you have any proof?" Asked by Steve.

"I didn't record it." Helen shook her head.

All of a sudden, Maggie ran to her. "Sister, you have to trust me. I'm your only sister. How can I hurt you? You didn't know that she spoke ill of you in front of me yesterday. I was so angry that I almost fight with her!"

As soon as Sophia finished speaking, she glared at Maggie angrily.

Fuck! You're really a good actor! It's none of your business!

Lucas held her hand. He didn't know the enmity between Sophia and Maggie, but his keen intuition told him that Maggie was not as pure as she looked. If she really took Sophia as her sister, she wouldn't have thought of him all the time. "Sophia, who is to believe in? What should I do? It's up to you." That was the best way to solve the problem.

Hearing that, Sophia took a glance at him. She really wanted to throw Maggie away, but she knew clearly that Maggie was merciless. If she was killed on her own, her reputation as a member of this family would be overshadowed by coldness and mercilessness.

So she moved forward slightly and patted Maggie's head. "Maggie, when I knew that you are my sister, I was surprised. God is really joking. We fall in love with the same man. Maggie, I know you fell in love with him since you met him. But I won't blame you. No matter how you see me, do you take

iful eyes and smiled cunningly. She picked up an ice cream and smeared it on his lips unscrupulously. She stretched out her fingers and plunged them into his thick hair, rubbing his handsome hair into a mess. Looking at his unparalleled handsome face, she was extremely happy and laughed, clapping her hands.

He also smiled, his charming eyes full of indulgence and love for her. He liked her naughty. Only she could do whatever she liked in front of him.

While on the other side, there was a lot of resentment in the brothel.

Maggie was at a loss for words because of Sophia's words.

Fortunately, she still had another card to use.

As soon as Maggie got back to Q City, she inquired about the information there.

Hearing the news that Sophia and Lucas had been back together, John was angry, jealous and disappointed. Seeing his expression, Maggie was secretly happy. "You must like Sophia very much, right?"

"What the hell do you want?" John was in a very bad mood and said sourly.

"I like Lucas too. I think we should cooperate and get what we want." Maggie said with a smile.

"I don't even know you. Why should I cooperate with you?" "Humph!".

"I can help you to take her back." Maggie said slowly word by word, "although you are also a good man, there is a gap between you and Lucas. Do you think it is possible to compete with him alone?"

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