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   Chapter 64 Causing Trouble

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While she was lost in her thought, Harry sent a message to Mr. Jiang. Mr. Jiang stood up and jumped onto the DJ platform. It would be the best time for him to come forward at this time.

"Many of you are invited to attend the party. The rules of the party are clear before the participants come, right?" Mr. Jack's eyes became sharp, and his tone became extremely serious and harsh. "If you don't remember our rules, I'll make it one more time: first, you must keep it a secret, no matter what happened here, and no one is allowed to leak it out after you are out of the jail. Second, everyone is equal to you, no matter what family you are from, no matter you are a criminal, as long as you are willing to repay them. If you come here, you can always be happy together. Third, and most importantly, you can't cause any trouble here. No matter how much you hate each other in the past few years, you must leave everything behind here, unless you are ready to emigrate the outer stars or live on earth! "

These few words made some people below tremble with fear. Before they could say a word, Mr. Jack's voice continued, "who did it? If you don't want to die, then stand out yourself!"

Someone's legs shivered and almost couldn't keep his feet. The school was not that sensational as expected!

"I will give you one minute to come out, right now!"

The countdown began, "crack, crack" as if the God of death's fingers were hitting the center of the board.

Someone's whole body began to tremble violently, but she still held the fluke mentality, thinking that she could not be caught. Her partner became nervous. They didn't want to hurt themselves.

"Ding!" An alarm rang and the countdown was over.

"It's you who give up the opportunity." Mr. Jack said coldly. He called the security guards, pulled out the surveillance video from the backstage and directly transferred it to the big screen.

When Helen showed up in front of the computer, Helen's legs becam

ile and drank it with them.

Early the next morning, the helicopter was waiting for Helen on the lawn. She cried rather sadly.

She couldn't bear the punishment alone, but she would rather die with others.

"It wasn't my idea. I didn't want to do harm to her. It was all Maggie's fault. She told me that she would bully her and ask Moore to dump her. It was her idea."

Hearing that, a cold light flashed across Sophia's eyes. Maggie, everything was with her!

"Don't sling mud at me! It's a downright dirty calumniation!" Maggie tried her best to keep calm, but her heart was beating fast. The people around her quickly dispersed, keeping a certain distance from her, only Ellie didn't move. "Maggie, is she telling the truth?"

"Of course not, how could I do such a thing!" "Ellie, you have to trust me."

"Then why did she scold you instead of others?" Mr. Jack snorted and walked towards Maggie.

"She did it on purpose. She wanted to alienate me from Sophia." She had a brainstorm.

"Why did she do that?" Mr. Jack raised his eyebrows.

"Because I told her yesterday that Sophia was my sister!" Maggie said every word clearly. At the crucial moment, the unwilling kinship between them became the amulet to survive.

Even Lucas was shocked by what Maggie just said.

"She is your sister?"

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