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   Chapter 63 A Conflict At The Banquet

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It was a party at night.

The ball hall of the resort was a huge and gorgeous tent with flickering light and noisy music. In addition to the members of the club, there were also beautiful girls and famous models invited specially.

The top band, DJ and the bartender in the world boasted their skills, making the party a success.

Behind them was a huge LCD screen. At midnight, the DJs announced that they would pull out the lucky dog from the ball later. She or he would be lucky enough to invite any single person in the room to spend the night.

Like a heavy bomb, the mushroom cloud suddenly stirred up in the happy crowd.

"You're having fun!" Sophia sighed.

"This is a paradise. You can do whatever you want." Lucas shrugged.

"What if you are invited?" Sophia pinched his chin. She was sure that beside Ellie, there was 99% chance of choosing Lucas for any woman. 9999999%

"It depends on you." The corners of Lucas' mouth lifted into a smirk.

"Forget it. I'll give you a pass if I really pick you. There are so many handsome guys here anyway, and I won't be lonely." Said Sophia, rolling her eyeballs After saying that, she asked again, "is the condom? Give me a few more."

He was choked by the coffee and covered his mouth with a towel to clean it up. Lucas took a deep look at her and then said with a ferocious look, "I think you don't need it anymore. Even if you are only lying on bed, no one won't dare to touch a hair of you." Dare to get his woman, unless he planned to be disabled for the rest of his life!

"Hey, I should be honest. You are a frivolous man, but I want to stay alone at night. It's so unfair!" She stared at him with disapproval, hands rested on her hips.

His smile returned. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms. "Marry me as soon as possible, so that you can end being single."

"You are not single now. We are engaged!" She said while flicking his forehead.

"Then I'll be fine later." He shrugged his shoulders, with a bigger smile on his face. She had known something now. Then the DJ

the two-layer birthday cake on the table and threw it over her head. In her screaming, Sophia raised her head, slammed the door open and strode out.

Of course Wendy wouldn't let it go. The next day she had secretly taken a photo of herself and had it posted on the whole school.

People looked at the girls in disdain and laughed scornfully, like shooting bullets at her who had just entered the school. Some people even deliberately put their hands on their noses and ran away as if she was really smelly.

"Stay away from me!" John angrily threw his schoolbag to the students. When he was about to tear up the photos, she rushed into the classroom and furiously rushed to Wendy and began to fight with her. Wendy was totally no match for her and was knocked down to the ground in just a few seconds.

The students gathered around to cheer for her. However, no one dared to help her. Besides that, John had stopped them, they were more afraid of Sophia. Sophia was crazy and even fiercer than a Tibetan mastiff. Someone once saw her deal with four gangsters who wanted to steal money from her. The gang even bit each other with wounds all over her body.

Later, Wendy's parents came to the school and pushed her out of it. Thanks to her mother's connections, she was admitted to a private middle school in the suburbs. Since then, she had never seen Wendy again.

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