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   Chapter 62 Tricks

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"Mr. Lucas has a girlfriend. You guys have to be obedient, okay?" Steve said. Then he patted the beauties on their shoulders and invited them to go fishing by the pond.

The girls followed him reluctantly. As they walked out of the room, Helen glanced at Sophia coldly and insidiously.

At noon, Lucas and Sophia ate French cuisine.

When Sophia was hungry, she gobbled the awful dishes up.

With a glass of orange juice in his hand, and a second later, he patted her on the back in case she choked.

"Why don't you eat? She pursed her lips full of cheese at him.

"I will feed you first." He smiled in pain and touched the residue of her mouth.

Not far away, there were several pairs of eyes looking at them without blinking.

"Oh my God, isn't this manner too horrible?" "Doesn't Mr. Lucas mind it at all?"

"Isn't she afraid of getting fat after eating like this?" Lisa rubbed her chin in case she would be scared. "She is still like a starving ghost as expected," Helen said.

"A scum?" Lisa turned to her, "are you talking about Sophia?"

"Who else could it be?" Helen pouted.

"Hey, did you know her before?" Cadillac raised his eyebrows.

"I Why do I know her? " Helen stuttered and her face turned a little pale.

"Then why did you call her trash? You said she didn't change. " Cadillac blinked. She had always been very curious. Helen rolled her eyes at her and said, "no, you misheard me. I was just making an exaggeration to tell that she is not a socialite."

"But she's just lucky to marry a rich man." Feeling envious, Cadillac sighed. She thought she had misheard and didn't get to the bottom of her matter.

Sitting at the table next to theirs, Maggie heard what they said clearly. She was good at looking for an alliance, and then she took advantage of this to kill people. Her intuition told her that Helen had some sort of connection with Sophia.

After lunch, she saw Helen fishing by the pond alone, so she went over.

"Hi, my name is Maggie."

"Hi." Helen replied, expressionless.

Maggie sat

were a lot of girls in the campus who had a crush on him. However, Sophia was always staying by the side of John as she was her childhood sweetheart. And as a result, she even couldn't send her love letter to John. In this way, she not only bullied Sophia overtly, but also joined all the girls who hated and envied me to deal with Sophia. As a result, Sophia was forced to drop out of school. What made me blind was that John left with her. '. Thinking of this, she couldn't hold back her hatred, which had been accumulated for years. "The shameless bitch, she must have seduced men around them, just like a bus. No man can go up there as long as they're given money." She cursed, pursing her lips.

The more she hated Sophia, the happier Maggie was. "Don't you hate Sophia?" She asked deliberately.

"I hate you so much!" Said Helen.

"Do you want to give her a hard time?" Said Maggie.

"Do you have any good idea?" Raising her eyebrows.

Maggie whispered in her ear. Then Helen glanced at her hesitantly and asked, "is that okay?"

"What do you think? If that happens, I'm sure that everyone will laugh at Sophia and Mr. Lucas will dump her without mercy."

"Okay, let's do it!" Helen slapped her thigh with a vicious smile. She would defeat against Sophia and avenge for the girl's prince charming. This way, he could kill two birds with one stone.

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