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   Chapter 61 Deal With Other Women

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"Honey, don't push me." He rested his chin on her shoulder and said in a low voice.

When she heard this, she quietly curled up in his arms like a tamed kitten. She always knew where it should stop.

The episode should have ended, but how could Edward, who was stood up, feel relieved.

Originally, she was filled with joy, preparing for the party for a whole day, only to find a phone call from the other party put her on the eighteen level hell. The most hateful thing was that her rival in love wore a high-end customized luxury dress, holding his arm, they walked through the red carpet gracefully.

She wouldn't give up easily. She would figure it out in the dark. Ellie told her that the Greenwind club would hold a party at the Grand Canyon Village this weekend. Greenwind was established with several friends, making it more convenient for everyone to have a happy party. She knew that Lucas would be there, so she asked Ellie to take her to the party. Ellie agreed without hesitation.

The Grand Canyon Village, far away from the city's noise, haze and pollution, was a clean land. There were mysterious jungles in the forest, clear lakes, grotesque rocks It could not only help to relax but also explore.

But the most amazing thing was the artificial rock villa, which made them feel that they had returned to the time of man in the cave.

"You are so good at playing," Looking around, Sophia laughed and said.

Mr. Jack narrowed his slender eyes and smiled, "the party, the vacation, and the happy party are our goal. Otherwise, why do we need a club?"

"It's not because of the money. If we don't have money, we can only squeeze an eleven year holiday to climb to the top of the mountain to see the sea of people." Sophia pursed her lips.

"Really?" Mr. Jack lifted his eyebrows and said, "who is more attractive in your eyes, Lucas or his money?"

She stared at him and said solemnly, "he is more attractive than his money, but his money is a little safer than him. He would be perfectly happy."

Mr. Jack laughed and loo


Patting on his shoulder, Steve's voice was full of jealousy, "she is so mean!"

"If not, how can I be so quiet?" He shrugged and looked at her with eyes full of indulgence.

Helen's beautiful face with heavy makeup turned purple with anger. Now, she finally looked carefully at Sophia. However, when she looked carefully at Sophia, she was scared and almost screamed out, but she finally held it back. She sat down and sipped the juice to calm herself down.

Lisa, who was standing next to her, also agreed to work with Lucas. She was determined to blame Sophia. On one hand, she wanted to help Helen out; on the other hand, she also drew Lucas' attention.

"Hey, we're new here and we don't know much about the rule here. You're old and experienced, so please don't bother about it," She was implying to satirize Sophia for her old age and youth.

"How old are you?" She smiled at Lisa.

"Just 19 years old." Lisa fiddled with her curly hair on her shoulder and raised her voice almost eight degrees higher, in case that everyone present could not hear her calling of youth.

Sophia sat down on the chair and took a sip of champagne. "Little pretty, I tell you, don't pretend to be young after eighteen, and don't be a virgin anymore."

"You..." Lisa was so pissed off that she bit her lower lip and stamped on the floor in shame and anger.

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